Stop Hitting Poor Iron Shots with PGA Teaching Pro Todd Kolb

By Troy Klongerbo
November 6, 2016


PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb is one of the leading golf instructors in the game. His golf academy is located at Willow Run Golf Course where he is in charge of developing the games of golfers from top level tour professionals to highly competitive juniors. In this video, Todd breaks down the keys to hitting quality iron shots.

The first and most important concept to quality iron shots is creating a negative angle of attack.

negative angle of attack

Angle of attack, many times referred to AOA, is the angle the club is traveling at the moment of impact. A clubface that is traveling in a downward angle at impact would create a negative AOA. This would be the ideal position for an iron.

hitting irons

A clubface that is traveling in an upward angle at impact would create a positive angle of attack. This would be the ideal position for a driver.

hitting up on the driver

To achieve the ideal AOA, position the ball in the middle of the stance when hitting a shot with an iron.

iron path

A simple drill to help you find this position is to put two extra golf balls in your pocket. Once set up, put one ball in front of each toe and then step away. The three balls should form, or closely resemble, a triangle.

iron ball position

The most common mistake golfers make when hitting their irons is to have the ball too far forward.

ball position iron

At the end of the day, quality iron play is about quality contact and hitting the golf ball first. In order to achieve this quality contact, you need to have the ball in the proper position. These simple tips and drills will help you find that position.

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