When was the last time you saw a promo video for a training aid from the late 90’s?

It’s been a long time for us, too!

It’s no surprise that Kallassy’s Swing Magic has been around that long. Over the past 3 decades, this aid has helped over a half a million golfers develop a repeatable motion.

The three keys to a powerful and consistent swing are a full coil, proper delivery and a full release. You can expect to develop all three with the Swing Magic. This is why two-time REMAX Long Driver Charles Kallassy developed it. Since then it has helped dozens of golfers do exactly that, hit the ball further and straighter while under pressure.

In fact, many of the REMAX world champions use this training aid. 

Often times, as golfers we decide to spend some time working on a specific part of our swing or our game. This often puts to much emphasis on a specific thought causing us to over think it and only make things worse. Just like life, its important for us to find balance and flow. And obviously, keep it all in motion.

“With golf, you have to feel the force and not force the feel,” the golf instructor and great Bob Toski once said. The swing magic will keep you from over thinking the swing or forcing any one motion or move.

It can be daunting standing on the 16th tee, 3 over par, on record to shoot your best round ever as the thoughts start racing, “Head down, chin up, shoulders back, one piece takeaway, pause at the top…” Man, can that get overwhelming! The swing should be thoughtless, not thought-full!

It’s easy to think too hard about making contact when we should be thinking about making a good swing. If we gradually get comfortable feeling a perfect swing, we can expect to see our shots travel further and straighter. As the swing becomes more and more fluid, expect the extra baggage of “loose” swing thoughts to simply fall away.

Bear in mind, that the Swing Magic is not intended for hitting balls which is actually a blessing in disguise. This allows one to take 5 minutes at the office, at home or while waiting for the wife to finish shopping to get a little practice in.

We all know that practice makes perfect. In reality, perfect practice makes perfect and so if we want to practice our swing, we might as well practice a perfect swing.

The Kallassy’s Swing Magic can be purchased at www.SwingMagic.com or if you browse around through your brother-in-laws garage, you just might find an extra one laying around…but we can’t make any promises.

Watch these videos about the Swing Magic here: