Teaching With Technology: Understanding Distances With Flightscope

By Todd Kolb
February 8, 2016


Many golfers are familiar with the idea of using technology to analyze their golf swing in order to improve their game.

But recording your golf swing using technology, like FlightScope, can assist you in other ways, namely by helping you determine what we will call the two Ds of your swing: the distance your ball is likely to travel, and the deviation, or how far to the right or the left of the target, that you tend to land the ball.

Distance: Knowing the distance you hit each club will be a valuable tool to help you shave points from your game. The method for learning how far the ball is likely to travel with each club is to:

  • Take a series of shots using the same club and record the distance of each shot.
  • Find the average length of the shots to determine the distance you hit the ball using that club.
  • Repeat and record the information for all the clubs you typically hit in order to avoid the common trap of overestimating how far you hit the ball.

Deviation: Knowing the deviation, or how far left or right of the target your ball tends to go, will help you adjust your swing for the desired results. The method for determining your deviation is to:

  • Take a series of shots using the same club and record how far right or left of the pin your ball lands.
  • Determine from the results if your tendency is to hit the ball too far right or too far left and the average number of feet you tend to miss the target.
  • Record the information and use it to adjust your swing right or left to compensate and keep you on target.
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