Pro golfers can be very particular about the clothes they wear on the course.

Tiger, of course, always wore red on Sunday because his Mom told him red was his ‘power’ color, and you always have to listen to your mom. Gary Player dressed in all black like Johnny Cash because his father said he needed a trademark to stand out from the other players on tour. Jack Nicklaus wore a yellow shirt during the final round of the 1986 Masters because he knew yellow would look very nice with a green jacket.

Now, would Tiger have won all those tournaments if he wore a purple shirt on Sunday? I’m guessing yes. Ditto for Jack & Gary. Wearing a yellow shirt didn’t help Nicklaus win the Masters, shooting a 30 on the back nine did.

So, the benefits of wearing a certain shirt on the course or the range are purely psychological, right?

Well, maybe not, because I recently discovered a shirt which can help you swing better. It’s called the Golf Swing Shirt.

golf shirt

The Golf Swing Shirt is a patented and award-winning golf swing training aid and it has the backing of fellow teaching pros Jimmy Ballard and Michael Breed, not to mention multi-major winner Padraig Harrington.

So how does it work?

Well, The Golf Swing Shirt is more like a vest actually. It slips over your regular shirt and has one giant sleeve right in the middle of the shirt. After you put on the shirt, put both of your arms through the middle sleeve. It might be a little snug, but that’s ok. The idea is to give you a connected feeling between you and your body while you swing the club and develop muscle memory as well. Your ball striking will show vast improvement after the first day you try out the Golf Swing Shirt.

When Ben Hogan wrote about his fundamentals of golf, he stressed the importance of the arms functioning in a unified triangle during the swing. Your left arms should stay close to your chest, which will help engage your larger core muscles. If your arms are set properly during address, it will make it much easier for them to work properly during the swing.

Over time, muscle memory will kick in and they will repeat the same actions over and over. Your arms and club will become one. Your swing will be honed and repeatable every time. The Golf Swing Shirt can help you achieve this result and have you swinging like Hogan, or at least close.

It’s tested, patented and proven to work. Ninety-eight percent of test subjects showed dramatic improvement with their swing and lowered the scores after using the Golf Swing Shirt. Ninety-eight percent! Numbers don’t lie and you’re going to like writing a bunch of 3s and 4s on your card and not so many 6s and 7s.

You can try out the Golf Swing Shirt for yourself for under $70.

The perfect holiday gift for you or a friend. Go to their website at www.golfswingshirt.com where you can read all the endorsements from top teachers and touring pros and then order one for yourself.

No need to waste your money on a red swoosh shirt figuring, “it works for Tiger, maybe it will work for me.” The Golf Swing Shirt might be the one you need.