You’re here looking to cure the slice. But first, we want to share with you a story.

“I’ve finally got my game in order,” PGA Tour veteran Pat Perez said in 2014.

“I started working with a guy named Joe Mayo, and he’s really taught me how to understand the ball launch. I finally understand. I’ve been looking for that forever. I have this confidence now where I know where the ball’s going to go. I feel like I can hit good shots and it’s changed everything.”

Joseph Mayo, also known on social media as the TrackmanMaestro, is one of golf instruction’s thought leaders. His opinions have been spread widely throughout teaching circles, and his impact on the PGA Tour doesn’t stop with Mr. Perez.

Mayo, or “Maestro,” teaches primarily out of TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas, NV. His lessons are watched by hundreds of viewers each week, as he posts many of them on his social media accounts. Give him a follow. He shares opinions, debates doubters, and discusses the golf swing in-depth.

Mr. Mayo has taught us a lot over the years. In particular, we’ve learned how to hit that wonderful draw. The shot that everyone covets.

So to pass along some of his knowledge, we put collected three great videos. We’ll share what he discusses and give you some his insights. He has a lot to share.

Video #1: Fix My Slice Drills

In this video hosted on our USGolfTV YouTube page, Joseph Mayo works alongside longtime PGA Tour player Grant Waite to discuss a drill to start hitting a draw.

They start by discussing the difference between the path and the face. Where the golf ball starts is an important indicator here. Because if it starts straight and slices, we have a path issue. If it starts left and stays left, we have a face issue. If it starts left and moves way right, we have the worst of both worlds.

Waite sets up and first bumps his left hip to the left. This helps create a foundation for a path that moves to the right.

He then makes sure that is right arm sits below the left arm. Doing this creates a position that allows the clubhead to work to the right much easier.

The video covers a few basic fundamentals key for understanding a slice.

(Note: if you’re a left-handed player, make the proper adjustments to the content above…)

Video #2: 16-minutes on Slicing

The video you’re about to watch here dives deep.

Mr. Mayo earns the nickname of Trackman Maestro (maestro being “teacher” in Spanish), with his knowledge of how the face and path work together during a golf swing.

“90% of the golfers we’ve tested that slice the bal, their shots start pretty straight, or sometimes even to the left of the intended target.”

The “path” is the cause of this.

Here’s a 16-minute video he posted in 2012 with fantastic content:

Video #3: Problems with the Slice

In this video, Mayo and Waite talk about a common misconception.

So many people think they hit a slice because they “have an open clubface.”

While that’s true for some, many slicers do not have this problem. For many golfers, the issue is truly the path of their swing.

Finally, before we go, Mayo posted a video on his Vimeo account at the end of April 2017. In the video, Mayo breaks down the golf swing from a lesson he had that day. He takes a 12-handicapper who wanted to hit a draw and helps him.

He explains for 28-minutes, here.

Mayo is a thought leader in the category of understanding ball flight. We hope you enjoyed these lessons, and that they helped you out.

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