Tom Watson released his first instructional DVD set in 2010 named “Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime.” That set of instructional DVDs has sold more than 70,000 copies in five languages in over 40 countries making it one of the best selling instruction programs for golf every produced.

Now Watson may have out done himself with his “Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime II.” The eight-time major champion and World Golf Hall of Fame member offers two discs in this instructional program that discuss the fundamentals of the golf swing, as did the first program.

However, this second version contains a disc with 23 advanced lessons that include practice techniques, handling pressure and mental approach. One survey of users of the first two disc showed that 88% said it improved their golf game.

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With the first two discs the same, due to the positive feedback from users, Watson decided to add a third disc to build on the fundamentals the first two-disc set established and it includes even more stories from golfing buddies of Watson.

During the series, Watson uses knowledge of the game he received from great golfing minds such as Gary Player, Byron Nelson, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Sam Snead, Ben Hogan and even his long-time caddy the late Bruce Edwards.

Some have called Watson one of the game’s smartest players ever, as he comprehensively understands, the game’s fundamentals and can articulate them with ease.

In this instructional program, Watson breaks down nearly every aspect of the game in a way that is easy to retain.

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Each concept Watson discusses has a verbal explanation as well as a demonstration, using very simple graphics to increase overall understanding. He reviews the key points of the series as he goes along and provides the user with a checklist for each lesson.

Aspects of the golf game that become commonalities across the three discs through constant emphasis include setup, ball position and most importantly grip pressure.

Similar notions were followed by Nicklaus, who had been know to say he could teach anyone that has a good grip and good setup, but a golfer with a bad grip and poor setup was not teachable.

As Watson has said often, life is better when you are playing well, and there might not be any better form of learning the game or improving the game than this comprehensive program from one of golf’s living legends.