Have you looked into the technology behind the “New Ball Flight Laws?” Using a device called a Trackman, golfers today are better able to understand the ‘why‘ behind their ball flight through spin rates, launch angles, face angle and path. The data, which in the words of Sean Foley “…is not like an opinion, it is complete fact,” has changed golf instruction, quite frankly, shaking it at its core.

Essentially, teachers using the Trackman are making the game simpler, getting away from positions and getting into feels through the hitting zones. It’s ironic when listening to Sean Foley speak, as he sounds more articulate PHD teaching upper level physics at an Ivy League school, less golf instructor. But give it to the guy, he understands the complex to help his students understand the simple. Through this, players using Trackman data are winning world-wide. It is an epidemic.

Check out this video of a casual t-shirt and rain pants Justin Rose and Mr. Button Every Button to the Top Sean Foley:

As I watched Justin Rose stripe shot after shot during his iron session, I couldn’t help but think of the 4-iron he hit on the 72nd hole at Marion last year to win the US Open. I wondered if he would be able to maintain his form from that week and what things he might be working on with Foley. I asked myself, why he would tinker after a major championship? Then I checked the date on the video, and it was shot in February of 2013. Rose implemented this for his victory. The epidemic.

This was a fantastic video inside a practice session of two men who are world class in what they do.

And this Trackman stuff is changing the way golf is being taught.

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