What is the Swing Wizzard?

By David Anicetti
March 25, 2015


Jim McLean the well-known golf instructor teaches that the golf swing’s most important section is the impact zone. He says the golf impact zone consists of the area of the swing from halfway back to halfway through.

That is why the Swing Wizzard, a training aid for the golf swing can help any golfer practice to achieve or maintain a squared club head face at the point of impact. More than anything else in a swing, a squared clubface is an absolute must to hit with consistency and for distance.

Driving Series


When a golfer takes the tool back into the halfway mark, he or she is able to look down and see if the clubface on the bottom is square along the target line using a pair of aim sticks for alignment.

By then swinging through both halfway marks and keeping an eye on the clubface when it reaches the impact point, the golfer will begin to see as well as feel the swing plane that is correct. After making adjustments and swinging repetitive times, the golfer is able to override any old muscle memory to instill the proper movements to the swing.

The drill to make sure the clubface is squared at impact will also improve the golfers timing, tempo, weight transfer and balance.






After first swinging slowly from the halfway back through the halfway through point, the golf is able to start swinging somewhat faster, then eventually, with the Swing Wizzard in hand take it all the way back for the proper wrist hinge at the top of his or her backswing.

The great thing about the Swing Wizzard is that this can be performed in the comfort of your home, garage, office or any other space where the headroom is sufficient. For golfers who life in winters with inclement weather, swings can be practiced all winter and the golfer will be ready to start spring with a correct swing plane that will help he or she hit the ball more consistent and with more distance. Pretty valuable, huh “Snow Birds”?

The Swing Wizzard is an excellent tool to warm up with before hitting at the driving range or before getting ready to play 18. Using it for just five minutes each day will give the golfer a better feel of his or her swing that will in turn over time make it feel more natural.

By not allowing the wrist to release early, the short game can be improved as well.

The Swing Wizzard is backed by one of golf’s most sought after instructors. You could do worse things before the Masters than trying to improve your golf game.

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