We haven’t heard much from the Tiger Woods camp over the past few months. I’ve never heard from the Taylor Crozier camp. Anyways…

With his back injury leaving his future in golf very much in doubt, all we’ve heard about with Tiger Woods are dinner appearances, a 9-iron into a simulator and a whole bunch of talk and speculation by the collective golf media.

In big Tiger Woods related news this week though, his design Bluejack National opened. Just north of Houston, Texas, the ultra-private design is Woods’ first design in the United States. With pine trees, open fairway concepts and sharp, smooth, and undulating greens, it’s hard to look at the pictures and not see the Augusta National inspiration. The four-time green jacket winner definitely used the Mackenzie blueprint.

But aside from the golf course, or Tiger Woods himself, it was what happened earlier this week that made waves through the golf world. An achievement of not Woods, but a 11-year old young man named Taylor, captured the imaginations of golfers everywhere. A dream. But don’t listen to me explain any longer, let this magical video do the talking.

Taylor Crozier, the now famous 11-year old golfer, earned the privilege of playing the course as a junior member of the South Texas PGA. The historic hole-in-one occurred on Bluejack National’s short course called “The Playground,” likely a design paying homage toward Augusta National’s famous par-3 venue.

Woods’ reaction may have been the best of all, though.

Where all golf fans want a glimpse into the 14-time major winner’s life away from the course (and right now, we’ll desperately take his life at the course any time soon), Tiger’s reaction gave us a look at the father he’s become. The humanity is what we’ve always wanted from Tiger. We knew the golfer. The almost robotic way in which he disassembled golf courses. But we want to know the man.

To see him relate so well to a kid that no doubt, had just hit the best shot he’ll probably ever hit in his entire life, all in front of his hero, was cool. I guess the argument could be made, “what else was Woods gunna do, of course he was going to celebrate,” but I found the reaction to be extremely authentic. It was cool to see.

This kid made a memory for  Tiger and everyone there–even it was from only 60 yards.

To learn more about Bluejack National, visit their website and enjoy the video below.