Like many other aspects of life in the 21st century, drones are set to make an enormous impact on the golf world.

Drones will be make golf more enjoyable on multiple levels. They are already transforming coverage of PGA events. The aspects of holes that drones can uncover open up a whole new world of golf film coverage. Here is a closer look at all the ways that drones are either currently or soon getting ready to impact golf on the professional and amateur levels.

1. Covering Every Angle

One of the coolest thing about drones for fans of televised golfing coverage is the flight of the ball. Soon, it will be tracked in the most beautiful, high-definition way. No longer will some less eagle-eyed viewers have to struggle to track the flight of the ball.

You can check out these stunning drone videos of golf courses to get a better feel of the views you can get from a drone. With drones set to cover strategic vantage points of every hole, viewers will be able to see multiple angles of all the shots of their favorite PGA stars.

2. Helping to Locate Lost Balls

One of the biggest hassles in golf is struggling to search for a lost ball.

Imagine a world where each golf ball is equipped with a GPS chip that a drone can track. The drone would move to hover over the errant ball, allowing golfers to find their balls in a flash. While it would certainly be helpful for professional golfers, just imagine how much time weekend duffers will save since they will never again have to waste time looking for a lost ball.


3. Order Up

While there are likely lots of guys who appreciate the diversion of drink cart girls (who will probably not look forward to this next use of drones), most golfers will welcome it wholeheartedly.

Drones are already being used to deliver snacks and beverages to golfers—although not like the image above. With a few taps on your smartphone, you will soon be able to order a cold drink or a platter of nachos that will be delivered in record time by a drone.


4. Enticing Golfers to Come Play

Smart golf course managers will look to get drone footage of their courses up on their websites as soon as possible.

Seeing the course presented via drone coverage will entice prospective golfers in ways simple photographs and eye-level videos will never be able to match. Golfers get excited to play a course when they see how it is laid out by watching drone footage. As an added bonus, golfers will usually have a better time playing the course since they will be able to play better thanks to the knowledge they gain from viewing the drone shots of the course.

Drones are here to stay, and the golf world is already embracing them with gusto. They are used as resources to deliver snacks to golfers and to provide video coverage are quite exciting. The benefits of drones are only starting to be uncovered by the golfing community. It will be exciting to see how drone usage continues to evolve on golf courses as the 21st century marches forward.