When I was asked to write a few hundred words about Antigua Golf, I immediately went to the Internet to see what courses were like on the West Indies island that’s part of the country of Antigua and Barbuda.

It turns out there are two golf courses on that beautiful Caribbean isle located southeast of the Virgin Islands, the Cedar Valley Golf Club and the wonderfully named Jolly Harbour Beach Resort and Marina Golf Club. (By the way, Cedar Valley can be seen here.)

Then I reread the assignment and discovered that Antigua Golf is not a resort destination at all, it’s a prominent maker of golf fashions: shirts, shorts, and outerwear, all made with performance enhancing fabrics for both male and female players.


And if you’ve seen what I often wear when I head out for my weekend 18, you’d understand my lack of familiarity with good-looking, well-designed golf clothes.

But that’s clearly what Antigua Golf prides itself on, and has for over 35 years.

In fact, Antigua Golf has been around long enough in the golf world that Payne Stewart was sporting their outfits when he won the 1989 PGA Championship at Kemper Lakes.

Today, the company has licensing agreements with the PGA, the PGA and LPGA Tours, even the Golf Channel’s Am Tour, and don’t forget to mention the NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, MLB, MLS and NASCAR, among others. It also owns the Slazenger brand of golf balls, hats and clothing.

So I went to a local golf super store that carries Antigua Golf clothing to try on some of the new Spring ’17 collection. My wife would be the first to tell you that if something looks good on me, it’s going to look great on anybody else. (That was a compliment she was giving, right?)

And guess what? Not only did the clothing I tried on look nice and fashionable, but when I ambled over to the in-store driving range and hit a few shots, the shirt had a comfortable give that allowed me to swing freely and easily; while not paying any attention to the watchful store manager who seemed somewhat concerned that one of his new shirts was being abused by a so far non-paying customer.


(Not me…)

Needless to say, I bought the shirt – it’s called a Drive, style # 104018, made of 90 percent polyester / 10 percent spandex with Desert Dry moisture wicking yarn and a neat, multi-color stripe pattern featuring a 3D silver reflective A logo (for Antigua). I was surprised when I read the shirt used spandex, but when I went through some of the marketing materials I received I saw the company is using spandex across its Spring 2017 Men’s Collection.

“Almost every style has incorporated this fiber…for both function and form,” says Sean Gregg, Antigua’s VP of Product Development, who adds that spandex eliminates “any garment resistance throughout the golf swing.”

So when it comes time to tee off this Saturday morning (round 1 of our Club Championship, no less) I’ll be both swingin’ and stylin’. I may not play like a top golfer, but thanks to Antigua Golf, at least I’ll look like one.