What’s the greatest shot you’ve ever seen? Golf shots, for many people, come in masses. We hit far more than we’d like and are disgusted far more often than advised, but every once in a while….every once in a while, we find that magic in the bottle. Lighting strikes; and we pull off the miraculous.

This was the case for Matt Wheatcroft, a Managing Director of an English based media company, when he pulled off one of the best shots I’ve ever seen. Watch for yourself, as he uses this fence post as a backstop:

When I asked the original question – What’s the greatest shot you’ve ever seen? – I bet your mind poured through your golf database, rushing from Tiger Woods in 2000 in Canada from the fairway bunker to Tom Watson’s chip at the U.S. Open in 1982. It ricocheted (pun intended) from Ben Hogan’s 1-iron at Merion in 1950 to Bill Haas’ shot from the water to win the 2011 FedEx Cup. Outside the circumstantial conditions of each shot, Matt’s shot above deserves to be mentioned as one of the most improbable, right?

Jason Bohn’s Hole-in-one, the shot that sparked a professional career, is definitely worthy of mention for most improbable. The back-to-back holes in one by a husband-wife we heard of in Utah might have faced the largest odds, deeming it improbable. But this shot, might stand alone.

I mean, the guy hit it to a foot.

Troy Klongerbo

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