It’s one of the most difficult courses in the world. It’s as grueling, as it is elegant. Thankfully the apparel brand in its namesake only represents the latter.

Carnoustie Golfwear is your elegant style with timeless appeal.

Looking good on the golf course is a battle any golfer can win before they even hitting a single shot. Good, comfortable fashion that’s both practical and respect earning will never go out of style. Read it on their website, “Fine fabrications, outstanding workmanship and timeless, elegant styling combine to create an exceptional collection of sportswear.” 

Those are a good combination, especially in a market as competitive as apparel. Getting the lovely folks on the Golf Channel on-board is a great start.

Screenshot 2016-05-28 21.49.13Based in Irvine, CA, Carnoustie Golfwear is a company which provides golfers some of the sleekest, classic threads in the golf industry. Armed with an arsenal of pullovers, polos, and sweaters, they are working their way into the games of golfers, one piece of apparel at a time. With a brand as tough as Carnoustie, they better have the staying power. After all, as a company they’ve been around for over 20 years.

As I write this, the company is offering a Memorial Day special, giving 15% off all orders over $250. It’s a nice incentive for those looking to bulk up their summer outfits.


So what makes Carnoustie Golfwear different?

While many companies are going for new trends–the jogger shoes, brash colors and unique, high-tech designs– Carnoustie Golfwear embraces the history of the sport. Classic solids, plaids and stripes are key to their lines. Like all of the modern companies, they’re developing clothes to perform (i.e. water wicking technology) while still giving golfers that classic design.


Last week, we received an order of Carnoustie’s to our front door in Sioux Falls, SD. As a web-based golf company, we have a nice repertoire of useful golf attire–polos, long-sleeves, you name it. But when we had a beautifully made set of button up dress shirts come from a golf company, our ears perked up. After all, golfers need to look good, both on and off the golf course.


Screenshot 2016-05-28 23.29.21

Screenshot 2016-05-28 23.29.13

The first thing I can say about the product line was the quality of the product and the fit. It felt like a well-made shirt with a mindful design. The colors were classic and it’s a shirt I can see myself wearing to a casual wedding the same way I would for drinks with a few friends. It’s a piece I welcome to my wardrobe.

Offering both a men’s line and a diverse women’s line, Carnoustie prides itself on the timeless elements of the game, similar to the course whose name it represents, a course founded in 1850. A 20-year old company striving to uphold the name of a 150-year old relic of a design overseas speaks to the nature of their mission. Carnoustie Golfwear doesn’t seek to be a flash in the pan for golfwear. They strive to be long-term players in the apparel game.

Right now on their website, they offer free ground shipping for all orders over $150. There’s that 150 number again, the age of the course it’s named after. Carnoustie Golfwear is taking care of customers in the name of history–just in case wonderful clothing wasn’t enough for you.