Blow up hole


We shouldn’t have expected a long stint of unemployment for golf commentator David Feherty. Not only is he very talented at what he does, offering intelligent insights in a way that is uniquely his, he’s also jittery and gregarious. His mind never stops working and neither does he.

After leaving CBS earlier in September, it was announced Wednesday that Feherty had signed full-time with NBC.

“I have admired David’s unique perspective on golf telecasts for years,” said Tommy Roy, 30-time Emmy Award winning producer, NBC Sports in a press release. “His addition to the Golf Channel and NBC team will further enhance our coverage of this game we love.”

Feherty’s role will expand in his new gig. Already successful as an on-course commentator and the host of a critically acclaimed television show—the eponymous “Feherty”—the Northern Ireland native turned American will feature in NBC’s wide range of coverage including, per Roy, the Olympics, Ryder Cup and Open Championship.

“Feherty” has also been extended. Golf Channel, a property of NBC Sports Group, has broadcast the show since its start. Now, it can be featured across NBC networks like NBC Sports Network (which, incidentally, I’ve been lobbying for years).

“I’m thrilled to have this opportunity. I’ve been almost 20 years in the broadcast—I spent 20 years playing for a living,” said Feherty in a conference call Wednesday. “I really felt like it was an apprenticeship for holding a microphone. I only started to feel at home probably just a few years ago in the broadcasting industry.”

Part of the reason for the move was Feherty’s insistence on doing more booth work for CBS. He was often tasked with following the top groups around the course and wanted to broaden his horizons as a broadcaster. NBC, on the other hand, will employ Feherty throughout the tournament.

“It’s going to be a mixture. We haven’t quite finalized that yet, but I’ll be doing a little more in terms of four-round coverage,” he said. “I’ll be on the golf course, I’ll be in a tower, just a mix of all the stuff that’s going on out there.”

The move sounds like a good one for Feherty—it may prove to be a better one for golf fans. Although we’ll miss his presence at The Masters, which ESPN and CBS broadcast, we’ll get more of Feherty thanks to Golf Channel’s association with NBC. He’ll be featured in first and second round coverage as well as on the range work and previews.

Moreover, his personality allows for crossover roles. Perhaps he’ll be included in NBC’s other properties such as Olympics beyond the golf and coverage of the English Premier League. Feherty is a fan and can match wits with the Men in Blazers, the duo of Roger Bennett and Michael Davies, who have become celebrities in the American soccer scene.

The only downside to Feherty’s switch to NBC is that we won’t see him until 2016. Then again, no Feherty now for more Feherty later seems like a good trade.