C3igolf.com: Another Wedge Designed for Short Game Woes

By Troy Klongerbo
January 17, 2017

C3I Golf Wedge Review

UPDATE! Our video review filmed in early May 2017.


Last week at the Sony Open, Justin Thomas shot a 59. This has only been done a handful of times in the history of the game. Another one of golf’s famous “59ers” showed up this week again, as we were researching a new product. His name—Chip Beck.

Beck is back with a new wedge he says will help golfers improve. This time, it’s the C3i wedge.

We feel like we’ve seen this movie before. More wedges, designed to help you improve your game. It can be so frustrating to get near the green only to leave 2, 3 or even 4 strokes on the course because of that wedge game. The traditional wedge design requires a golfer to change stance, grip, swing, and mentality. The traditional wedge requires some effort.

With the Brand NEW C3i 65* Wedge, it’s just as simple as set up square and swing full.

It can be difficult to calculate the strokes lost due to sketchy wedges. Of course, there’s the bladed wedge that launched over the green. There is also the flubbed bunker shot leading to double bogey, but how can you calculate the lipped out 8-footer if you could have had an easy 3-footer for par?

One way to know is to give the C3i 65* wedge a shot.

What is the C3i Wedge?

We all know that practice makes perfect, but how much practice is going to make a plane fly that doesn’t use science?

That is exactly what the C3i 65* wedge does. With the ergonomics of a plane’s wing, the C3i wedge is going to glide that leading edge through the sand or thick rough to help you ensure the quality of your shot game.

Feeling nostalgic? The traditional sand wedge was designed by Gene Sarazen in 1931. That seems like it’s better suited for the museum of golf, than for your ultra-light-weight, dual-strapped, standup bag. Why not take some of that science to where it really matters…to where debatably, the most strokes are lost during a round, around the green (and in the bunkers).

Many amateurs had thoughts to share about the way the C3i wedge performs:

“The C3i makes me feel more confident in the bunker.

My first three shots with the C3i, as I came through the ball, I knew I had hit the ball too hard. But when I looked up to see the ball land, how it stuck near the flag, I was amazed that the club put that much backspin on the ball.

With the C3i, after hitting those three shots, I knew right then that I was gonna be able to shave four to five strokes off my game.”

-James Chestnut (12 handicap)

“Literally effortless. It just glides through the sand and the ball pops out.

With a regular wedge, maybe 30 percent I might leave in a bunker. With this (C3i), you could actually start thinking about getting close, because you have the confidence that it’s going to come out. Now you can start really working on just getting your distance down.

I hit maybe a dozen shots (with the C3i) and what struck me was that not one of them stayed in the bunker – they all came out. All on the green and I was putting. That’s what I want.”

-Jim Richardsons (17 handicap)

[bctt tweet=”With this (C3i), you could actually start thinking about getting close, because you have the confidence that it’s going to come out.” username=””]

“I believe that this club potentially can take five or six strokes off my game.

I sincerely believe that this club is the real deal. When I got into the trap after hitting my own wedge, hit (the C3i) four or five times and never left it in the bunker. And it just got progressively better.

When I look at it from the front, it just looks like a traditional golf club. I just felt very comfortable with it. I’ve never hit any club – from a putter to a driver – that I could see the immediate differences in as I did in this club.”

-Bob Shaw (12 handicap)

In fact, the manufacturer is so confident in the science these engineers implemented, that if you aren’t happy with the C3i 65* wedge, you can return it for any reason within 60-days of purchase.

So visit their website to take advantage of the stability and performance this wedge is going to provide around the greens.

You have nothing to lose, but strokes.

And if you’re looking to compare wedges, you can read our article on the similarly-concepted XE1 Wedge, as well as another great review by Golfers Authority.


  1. please explain how to return wedge, its not for me. thank you tom

  2. Tom, we are not the people to contact, but on their website it says: “If you have a question about the C3i Wedge or if you’d like to order by phone, call our friendly customer service team at 888.548.1571 (Monday – Friday, 9:00 am-5:00pm CT). You can also send an email to support@c3igolf.com.”

    Link: https://www.c3igolf.com/

    Hope this helps!

  3. Where do I find where I can purchase this wedge, and what’s the price?

  4. Rusty, get more information about the club here, for $99.00.


  5. Have you tested this club out yet Troy? I just watched the video through the link you sent me for the XE1. I love that you were happy with the way it performed, especially since you didn’t agree with their marketing for the club. This seems to be very similar to the XE1 and they are using the same claims that they did for the XE1 as well. So was just wondering your thoughts on this one and if you’ve tried it or, will you be trying it. Thanks

  6. Dennis, thank you again for commenting. We have not looked at this club yet, but we hope to in the future. Stay tuned to see if we do!

    The best way to know about our videos is to Subscribe to our YouTube page.

    Thank you!

  7. Where can i purchase a C3i Wedge. ? Thanks.

  8. Thanks for Info. on New Driver.

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