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By Bradley W. Smith
March 25, 2016

Driving Series


We’ve all the heard the phrase, “drive for show and putt for dough.”  And sure making more putts is nice, but let’s face it, every golfer from the low handicapper to the beginner, is looking for ways to add distance to their game. 

Switching clubs, switching balls, stretching, lifting weights, whatever it takes for just a few extra yards off the tee.  It’s become an obsession with some, and even Tour pros aren’t immune to it.  Who wouldn’t want to smash 340-yard drives like Bubba Watson and hit 7-irons into par-5s?  They do. You do. We all do.

Former PGA and Champions Tour pro and well-known golf commentator Gary McCord has teamed up with 2-time RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion Jamie Sadlowski to promote 

And the two have history.

free distance secrets
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Their ads can currently be seen on The Golf Channel.  With nothing to lose and the promise of extra distance off the tee, I signed up by providing the website with my email address.

Driving Series

What I Received at

It started off with an introductory 2 ½ minute video hosted by McCord in which he talks about working with Sadlowski, a former hockey player of average height and weight, who can routinely crank out 400-yard drives with a personal best of 445 off the tee. 

He’s actually faced off against Watson in a charity long-drive competition in Hawaii and beat the 2-time Masters winner by 70 yards.  Impressive. 

His swing is smooth and effortless and a good one to emulate.  The setup and finish are textbook.  His backswing might be a little long, but it’s not John Daly-esque either.  McCord wasn’t suddenly busting 400 yard drives as a result of working with Sadlowski, but he got faster and longer by using some of the secrets and tips Sadlowski taught him.

Driving Series

Drills at

After the introductory video, you’re sent your first email lesson with a link to click on the instruction video. 

The video is about eight minutes long featuring both McCord and Sadlowski.  Lesson One is called “The Inside Path.  Simply by changing the path of your swing and attack angle to come from the inside, you will change the spin on the ball which will add roll to your drives and increase distance.  The drills in the video are simple and easy to follow and don’t require any special equipment or training aids.

[Note: Here at USGolfTV, we know the importance a draw plays in gaining more distance. Hence, our Tour Draw product. Learn more about how to hit a draw consistently, here.]

After you process the lessons in that video there is a link at the bottom of the web page to view another video.  

This one is lengthier and spells out in great detail what they are selling.  It’s called “The Power Manifesto” and don’t let the name of the website fool you. 

Nothing in life is free, and neither is  If you want the full lesson plan to add distance to your game, it will cost you. How much depends on how you want to view the lessons, online or on a series of DVDs. Sometimes proper information in a bundled package is beneficial for true improvement. 

The cost is $49 for the DVDs or if you want the combo pack of online access and the DVDs.  If you’re only interested in watching online the cost drops to $39.  The website includes testimonials from golfers of all skill levels about how they added club head speed and distance to their game in a relatively short amount of time.

The website seems geared to appeal to golfers over the age of 50, like McCord, who may have lost distance or flexibility in their swing as they’ve gotten older, but Sadlowski is still in his 20s so clearly the lessons can be applied to anyone. 

It doesn’t guarantee you’ll soon be outdriving everybody at your local country club but it does promise you will increase your club head speed and distance from what you’re used to.  If for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied you have a whole year to cancel your order and get a full refund.

The lessons learned in the free video off the top make sense and I’m interested in applying them during my next trip to the range. 

After all, who doesn’t crack a big smile watching their drive bounce past their playing partners?

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Driving Series


  1. Can I get free distance secrets in written form? Not good with computers

  2. Not sure, Tom. The group at would be the people to contact!

    — Troy

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