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*DISCLAIMER: Just a review of The Golf Matrix, no offers made.*

Rick Smith Golf Matrix Review


By visiting freegolfmatrix.com, you’ll be exposed to some of the same secrets given to some of the game’s great champions, most all of which pertain to power. Golf’s #2 instructor Rick Smith heads up this program to help golfers reach unlimited power potentials left in their golf swings.

All you’ll need to do, is visit the website (freegolfmatrix.com) and enter your email address. Don’t worry, entering your email address won’t lead to hundreds of spam emails or unwanted golf information. If it does, simply unsubscribe.

But what entering your email address at freegolfmatrix will lead to, is the information accompanied by the occasional tip to help you improve and grow as a golfer, delivered directly to your email inbox.

When I first visited the page, I was re-directed to the home page for the Golf Matrix and encountered by this massive message (and a silhouette of a golfer that I mistakenly at first thought, was Rory McIlroy).

Screenshot 2015-08-19 16.39.24

Did I know the answer to the question? No, I didn’t not. I could guess what probably three or four were. But 7? Perhaps I am making some of these power-sucking mistakes with my driver? My interest was piqued by this trigger heavy message geared toward user engagement. Speaking of which…


Now we’ve written about Rick Smith before. His product behind all of this, “The Golf Matrix” is a product aimed at game improvement in a logical and tangible way. After working with the array of clients at the top of the game (Vijay, Phil, Duval etc.), his expertise and versatility is fully-evident.

A quote from our Rick Smith piece:

Smith put together his Golf Matrix or improvement training program for one purpose–to address individual flaws in the swing that plague one’s game. He wants to do that, then formulate a plan to help the player put more feel into their game, thus improving their outcome.

The Rick Smith Golf Matrix golf training videos are a multi-DVD pack where Rick gives you all the tidbits of knowledge he has acquired through the year about how to develop a consistent golf swing that is full of power.

The Golf Matrix

This entire website is focused on the “small ball hitters,” or in other words, the Zach Johnsons, Justin Leonards and Corey Pavins of the golf world.

Now some may argue that spending this time working around the greens on short game, putting and accuracy throughout the bag may be a better way to allocate practice time, but if we’ve all being honest, a couple extra yards in the bag is something no golfer has the gall to turn down.

After watching the video, Rick isn’t going to give you anything of substance without agreeing to enter your email address. The video on the site is an intro. The depth and the message lies inside.

Driving Series

rick smith golf matrix

Speaking in basic terms, I can tell you right now, the keys to distance are three things:

  • Good extension
  • Good power load (lag)
  • and Good contact

After that, there is nothing else that can be taught, the rest is just Dustin Johnson-types of other-worldly talent. Now Smith’s ability with this product may be less in what he says and more in how he says it.

Through observing instructor after instructor, I’ve learned the value in teaching is in the communication style of the teacher and the message they are working to deliver. A lot of golfers know the game well enough to say, “you’re coming across it” or “you’re pulling your body up,” but to articulate in a way that’s tangible and digestible is key.

Rick Smith’s method to better golf and more distance with the freegolfmatrix.com seems to be just that. I’ll let you know what I uncover.

In the meantime…

Watch a few of these free golf matrix.com YouTube uploads by Rick Smith where he discusses the backswing and the downswing and how to better understand both.

Driving Series