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Between watching countless hours of PGA Tour golf, Golf Central, LPGA Tour golf, Champions Tour events, the occassional Web.com Tour event and hours of Michael Breed on the Golf Fix, there is a show called the Golf Channel Academy— and it features some of the best golf instruction in the industry.

The Golf Channel Academy is a partnership between the Golf Channel and golf instructors around the world.  It is a merger of the Proponent Group which was founded by Loren Anderson and the Golf Channel.

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According to their website, The Golf Channel Academy is “a network of world-class coaches and teaching facilities dedicated to improving your game.

It is the hands-on coaching extension of the cable network’s instruction programming, offering personalized one-on-one and group coaching that is among the highest quality instruction available anywhere.”

They want you to adopt a plan for long-term improvement in your golf game. And you can find a place close to home, as well…

Check out this map of Golf Channel Academy instruction:

CLICK HERE to find a location close to you!

CLICK HERE to find a location close to you!

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Martin Hall

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His face, aside from Tiger Woods’, may be the most showed on the Golf Channel. As one of the station’s authoritative voices on golf instruction, Hall has a long career in instruction, playing and publishing.

The host of “School of Golf,” Hall aires questions from viewers and alongside his co-hosts, discuss fundamentals of the games using his cause and effect theories developed after years of studying the game.

His teaching style comes from influence he’s learned from the game’s brightest minds including Bob Toski, Jim Flick, Peter Kostis, John Jacobs, Chuck Cook, Mike Bender, and Ben Doyle.

Pia Nilsson & Lynn Marriott

nilsson marriott

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Their names are synonymous in the golf industry as thought leaders in the mental side of the game. Along with Bob Rotella, these two innovative thinkers are among the best known in the world.

Behind their Vision 54 concept, these two women have paved the way for females in a male dominant industry. Their website states this:

VISION54 is many things … it’s a number, a philosophy, an attitude, a process and a discipline. It represents a future full of possibilities and unlimited human potential.

Vision 54 website here

Henry Brunton

henry brunton

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The golf instructor of Canada, Brunton has developed himself into one of the leading coaches in the world of golf. A well-known speaker and consultant, Brunton’s success with golf instruction has opened doors for him throughout the game’s landscape. He’s an author of 3 books.

Brunton has also served as the Royal Canadian Golf Association’s National Golf Coach from 1999 to 2011.

Jeff Ritter

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Jeff Ritter is the founder of the MTT Performance in Pebble Beach, California. MTT Performance (which represents “Make the Turn”) is a golf center focused on helping golfer’s reach potential in all facets of the game from the physical side to the mental flexibility side.

He regularily contributes to golf content throughout the industry including Golf Digest, the Golf Channel and ESPN.

Check out MTT Performance’s website here.

Charlie King

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King is the CEO of Uncommon Golf, LLC, and the Director of Instruction at Reynolds Golf Academy at Reynolds Plantation. His teaching philosophy is in helping golfer’s reach their potential in the game while keeping their individuality.

King’s social media bio on Twitter:

Anti-Method Golf is a new way to get a golf lesson. We believe that you are Unique and Individual. There is nobody quite like you. No Two Golfers Are the Same.

Visit Charlie’s Website at www.antimethodgolf.com.

Ed Bowe

Ed Bowe

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Supporting one of the strongest social media followings in the golf instruction industry, Ed Bowe offers instruction styles centered around the fundamentals.

Starting as a Hank Haney instructor, Bowe has spread his wings, working under his own name and teaching in Florida at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Golf Academy

Chuck Evans

chuck evans Follow Chuck on Twitter @ChuckEvans He’s the owner of Chuck Evans Golf with his base centered in Kansas City, MO. When asked “Is your basic philosophy—teaching a golfer to be self-reliant?” He answered by saying the following:

That’s one part of it. Golfers find themselves in various stages of performance and skill-development. I’m not the golf coach who wants to see you every Thursday at 3 o’clock.

There are teachers out there—in golf and outside of golf—who want the student to be totally dependent on them. That’s not me. I want you to get to where you can generally depend on yourself.

Read the full interview with Chuck Evans here.

All in all nearly 200 instructors endorse the Golf Channel Academy represent it. Whether you’re at the beginning level or looking to make the next jump in your golf game, instruction from one of these instructors can be of great importance to your game.   

I can only imagine Mr. Toski is proud of what he’s seen in the growth of golf instruction. When I met him this winter, I remember him saying, “raise your *expletive* rates,” when talking to our PGA member Todd Kolb. Toski understands the value of good teaching. 

Energetic and spry still at age 88.

The Golf Channel Academy has a great database available for golf improvement and continue to put out great content. If you want videos sent straight to your email inbox from the people at the Golf Channel Academy, click here and enter your email address and they will give you more great teaching.

Remember, education is a process. No single tip is gospel and no tip is a transformational. Take each tip with a grain of salt, understanding it’s context. Continue to learn, acquire and build, for yourself, a golf game that’s better than ever.


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