The one advantage the Golf Channel has over its respective sport-specific counterparts—the Tennis Channel, MLB Network, NHL Network, NBA TV, etc.—is that most of its viewers actively play golf as well as watch it. Therefore, the network can get more creative and be more interactive with its programming.

The latest effort, and one the Golf Channel continues to push, is the excellent Golf Channel Academy. The show features a long list of respected teachers and former professionals including Martin Hall, Charlie King, Jeff Fisher, and the co-founders of Vision 54, Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott.

Retief Goosen, who at 46 has two top-10’s on the PGA Tour this year, recently appeared on the show as did 1991 Masters Champion Ian Woosnam. The depth of quality gives the show credence as well as variety. Viewers may identify with one teacher more than another, while obtaining skills from multiple.

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The time slot also helps Golf Channel Academy. It airs Monday nights at 7PM Eastern, just as the East Coasters are walking off the course and the West Coasters prepare to head for it.

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But the television slot is just one aspect of the project’s reach. In fact, the show is built off a vast teaching network that spans across the country. According its website golfchannelacademy.com, “It is the hands-on coaching extension of the cable network’s instruction programming, offering personalized one-on-one and group coaching that is among the highest quality instruction available anywhere.”

There are 59 on-site locations in 26 states and one Canadian province. In addition, Golf Channel Academy has a strong online as well as mobile presence. Users can sign up for a newsletter through the website and also download a mobile app.

In other words, golfers can attack practice in at least four different ways through Golf Channel Academy. They can attend an in person session, watch the television show, read lessons online or on the app, or watch video. The combination allows players to improve at their own pace and leisure and it’s brilliant.

Check out some of the videos below


Dave Stockton gives putting instruction here, discussion the value of the forward press, moving the hands through the hitting zone and utilizing the loft.

Aim and Alignment

Annabel Rolley shows a routine to help with correct aim and alignment when you set up for a shot.

Spin with Chipping

Annabel Rolley discusses spin with wedge shots, specifically during chipping.

The smart phone app can be found easily on the app store by searching for Golf Channel Academy.