Traffic records are being set on GolfAdvisor.com as more and more golfers have provided both recommendations and reviews for other golfers to peruse. The course review site from Golf Channel is experiencing week-to-week growth following the best month ever for the site in April 2015.

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The leading golf course recommendation and review website for golfers saw an increase of 20% in its weekly traffic during the Players Championship last week, continuing the recent momentum the site has enjoyed highlighted by its best month on record.

Riding the momentum and excitement sparked by one of this year’s most compelling tournaments to date (Rickie Fowler’s triumph), activity on the GolfAdvisor.com site during the May 4 week was up in both page vies and unique visits over the week before.

The site saw increases through tablets from 19% to 30% and other mobile devices from 38% to 39%.

This growth comes after the site experienced its best single month to date last month. Both page views and unique visitors during April surpassed the records previously set in March of 2015 and July of 2014, respectively by over 15%.

The April 2015 metrics were also up over 500% from the same period one year ago.

Currently featuring over 370,000 reviews from golfers that critique over 9,000 courses across the globe, the GolfAdvisor.com site has been designed to be a customized, one-stop experience for golfers that represent all levels of play.

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The site allows the golfer to find honest golf course recommendations from peers and offers them the opportunity to leave their own review or feedback about any or all the courses they have played, anywhere and at anytime.

What makes this site great for golfers is via any computer, tablet or other mobile device, golfers can submit ratings based on stars on private as well as public courses. They can also rate through a star system, categories such as difficulty, conditions, pace of play, staff friendliness, overall value and the food and beverages available.

All reviewers have an open-ended text entry with the ability to upload a video or photos of the course they are reviewing or recommending.

Golfers are also able to make comments on their golfing experiences at anytime through Twitter and can follow the site for all the latest tips on travel and course recommendations.