Ron Burgundy’s talent is limitless. He’s the best anchorman in the history of San Diego. He has the ability to communicate with dogs, although Spanish eludes him. He has a way with the ladies, and he can play jazz, [yah-zuh] soft j, flute.

So we shouldn’t be surprised to see Mr. Burgundy, the legend himself, sport a refreshingly throwback golf swing.

As the second chapter of his biopic is set to hit theaters this holiday season, Burgundy has toured the country to promote his life story. It’s a selfless act if you think about it. Here is a man who is far greater than us all and yet he’s still willing to share his time with the people.

Then again, Burgundy’s choice not to pursue golf seriously, now that his swing has gone public, is a selfish act. Burgundy’s easy sway as he descends the club evokes a young Arnold Palmer. His icy glare reminds me of the late Ben Hogan if he were crossed with Lee Trevino. The cockiness in his finish would make Tiger Woods ditch his nickname and once again become Eldrick. It’s safe to say that Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, and company are lucky that Burgundy chose the comforts of the news room over the serenity of the fairway. But we the fan certainly miss out.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues hits theaters on┬áDecember 20. And the greens will run red, with Burgundy’s blood.

Dillon Friday