Tathata Golf: How Would Bruce Lee Swing a Golf Club?

By Bradley W. Smith
June 25, 2016


Have you watched a Bruce Lee movie and wondered, how could I apply the mental discipline and physical dexterity used in martial arts to my golf game?

Yeah, me neither. Maybe Gary Player has, but the rest of us…probably not.

Tathata Golf is out to change all of that. It’s also going to clear your head of all the wayward instruction you’ve had in the past. Let’s face it, golf is confusing. You’ve got a thousand different golf instructors telling you a thousand different things about the swing and how to achieve better results on the links. One month a magazine tells you to do something and another month it’s telling you to do something else. How can you know which advice to follow through on and which to ignore? How could anyone know? It’s sensory overload and it’s not going to help your game.

This is where Tathata Golf comes into play.

I mean, in their newest commercial, golfers are mad!

Bryan Hepler founded Tathata Golf and focused on a pretty basic premise: help golfers and golfers-to-be discover their greatness within and as a result everyone in the game will benefit. Helper believes the golf instruction we get now is outdated and too complicated. Tathata aims to bring joy back into the game and help all present future golfers sustain their own greatness.

The way this is accomplished is through three areas. Your mind, body and swing.

Let’s start with your mind (this is where the martial arts comes into play). It’s real a simple understanding of who you are and where you’re going. It dates back over 2,000-plus years of practices and principles from the martial arts world. Students will train their reactions and initial instincts and will eventually come to realize the power of their inner strength. The impossible suddenly becomes very possible.

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The second part is your body. We’re not all shaped the same so why try and swing the same? Understanding how you move your body is one of the most essential elements of Tathata Golf. It uses very specific movements and routines and also teaches the mechanics from the golf swing in a new way.

Your age, body type or golfing ability doesn’t matter. Tathata Golf will teach you to move through a structured path of learning and training quicker than you ever thought possible.

The final element is the swing. How many of you out there can truly depend on your swing when you need it most? On the first tee when everyone is watching. When you’ve got to carry that water hazard or you’ve got to hit the fairway to get home in two.

Tathata Golf will allow you to move beyond any insecurities and doubt you have about your swing. Your mind, your body and your swing all working in unison to produce the results you want. Time and time again.



Tathata Golf is probably unlike anything you’ve experience before and that’s not a bad thing. If you’re still struggling with your game, and still can’t consistently break 100 or 90 then why would you keep doing what you’ve been doing? It’s time for a new approach and the time is now.

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  1. This entire presentation is a disgrace to the game, its history and the incredible teaching professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping people improve their golf games. Whoever decided on this type of narketing approach is a moron.

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