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“Experience Golf’s Most Transformational And Empowering Training Opportunity Ever Introduced To The Game!”

Tathata golf is a new way of teaching and learning the game of golf that makes it easy to understand. It’s a logical process. Now don’t we all want something a little logical when learning the game of golf??

tathata golf

By mixing elements of martial arts along with understanding the forces that be within the golf swing, the Tathata golf methodology is revolutionizing the way golf can be taught. In its purest form, the word Tathata stems from Buddhist principles which mean, the ultimate inexpressible nature of all things.

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Founded by Bryan Hepler, Tathata is different than any swing method you’ve ever seen. Hepler has been studying golf for over 30 years and after decades of analysis, learning and reflection, he spent the last 5 years working with the new idea of Tathata golf. Bryan Hepler is a learner. His desire is to seek for discernment within the game of golf has led him throughout the world.

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Bryan Hepler

It led to this quote:

“This passion has offered me the openness and willingness to travel, listen and learn from some of the greatest mental thinkers, spiritual leaders, martial art masters, coaches, and golf professionals.”

He wants to learn the truths behind how the body actually moves.

Now if this Indiana Jones-esque trailor doesn’t get you excited to start learning the methods of Tathata golf, I don’t know what will.


Now Tathata golf is not a free program. There is a cost to this information uncovered by Bryan Hepler, but he wants to introduce it to you. By visiting app.tathatagolf.com, you’ll be given the chance to enter your email address for a free introductory series.

Video #1: Build, Store and Release Power

This is one of the first videos in the free series. Hepler discusses how all of the greats created power through force and using the ground. Hogan, Snead, Nicklaus and Woods all created this power, building it from the ground, storing it at the top and releasing it at impact. How this is being taught today is not effective, nor is it accurate.

My favorite element of the video is when Hepler discusses teaching based on positions. He understands how teaching positions to an amateur doesn’t do them any good if they don’t know how to properly get there and they don’t know how to properly work from it.

He wants golfers to build momentum and create leverage.

After watching, (which you can too by clicking here), I thought to Rory McIlroy and a video of him on Sport Science last year. Many of the principles Hepler discussed were relevant in Rory’s swing, even if Brenkus and the crew didn’t discuss it the same way.

The 60-Day Program

With training facilities in Scottsdale, Arizona, flying to visit the minds behind Tathata golf isn’t completely feasible for everyone wanting to improve their game. For you, there’s the 60-Day Program.

Chapter Breakdown

Chapter 01 – (Days 01-10) Body, Stretching & Mind 1 Training
Chapter 02 – (Days 11-20) Hands, Arms & Mind 2 Training
Chapter 03 – (Days 21-30) Pressure, Impact & Mind 3 Training
Chapter 04 – (Days 31-40) Speed, Strength & Mind 4 Training
Chapter 05 – (Days 41-50) Short Game, Putting & Mind 5 Training
Chapter 06 – (Days 51-60) Shape, Trajectory & Mind 6 Training

For more information on the 60-Day Program, click here.


Tathata’s claim is that it teaches about more than golf– it teaches about natural movement which has been practiced for thousands of years. It teaches mental discipline and how that correlates with the body.

The brand of Tethata is an alluring one. With clear, distinct coloring and a unique name unlike anything else in the interesting, it makes one curious, especially the golfing soul who wants to learn more about the game. Once you learn to pronounce it (tuhtuh-tah), you’ll have it rolling off the tip of your tongue.

The videos and messaging all coincide with the general brand. Exclusivity. Uniqueness. Transformational. They tie all of these concepts in with an engaging presence and a growing social awareness. They’ve embedded the feel of 1000s of years of training into the feel of their videos. It’s a feel unlike any other golf videos I’ve seen. They’ve got 21 videos on their YouTube channel, as I post this. I’ll be watching them all, probably.

With some of the names endorsing and the results they’ve achieved, I’m excited to stay tuned with everything coming out of the Tathata arsenal.

Visit Tathata Golf’s Website here

Visit their YouTube page here

tathata golf

“There are commonalities that the greatest players have always had that are being missed today and they are being missed by a wide mark. What Tathata is doing is correcting golf instruction.” — Brandel Chamblee

“I’m not getting paid a dime for this. Brandel and I have both gone through this program. I have done it for about 4 years, Brandel started about a year ago. We have been there we have done it and it is different.” — Gary McCord

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