A day at the beach is usually a great day, unless you’re a golfer.

Most amateur golfers have a great, and probably irrational fear of bunkers. Given the choice of hacking a chip shot out of 4 inches of greenside rough or playing a bunker shot from a perfect lie, I’d be willing to bet at least 7 out of 10 amateurs would prefer the rough instead of the sand.

I’d also be willing to bet zero pros would make the same choice. The average tour pro gets up and down from the bunker about 60 percent of the time. Given the lie and how much green they have to work with, they might even be thinking about holing it. For the pros, it’s usually not a scary shot and it doesn’t have to be for amateurs either.

You don’t need to practice two or three hours a day (though 20 minutes while you’re at the driving range would be a good start) to start hitting better shots out of the sand. What you need is the PNP Rake Sand Wedge to help you change your approach from “just get it out of the bunker” to “get it close.” The club will help you overcome your sand troubles.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice something a little different about the PNP Rake Sand Wedge. It’s the Dual Bounce Rail Design, a unique sole with a series of ridges and channels to allow sand and grass to flow through the swing, while the ridges help stabilize the club.

This means you can let the club do what it’s supposed to do.

A lot of amateurs try to help bunker shots in the air or they try and pick the ball clean. With the PNP Rake Sand Wedge you can set up square to the ball. No need to open the face like you would with other wedges. Set up square, flare your toes out a bit and keep the ball a little bit outside your left heel (assuming you’re right handed). Now just make a normal swing, hitting behind the ball and follow through.

The club will dig through the sand, splash your ball out and leave you a very makeable par putt. Even a buried lie is no issue. Everything stays pretty much the same, except you want to make more a descending blow on the ball to get the PNP Rake Sand Wedge to dig in and pop the ball out. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what kind of a lie you have in the bunker. Whether the sand is wet and hard or dry and fluffy, the club design is going to give you more control and spin to get your ball on the green and thinking par save.

Nobody hits 18 greens in regulation. You might be fortunate to hit half. Put a PNP Rake Sand Wedge in your bag and when you do miss a green, you’ll know you’ve got the right club for the job.