“The swing of a young Jack Nicklaus, and the swagger of a young Arnold Palmer.” If that quote isn’t enough to draw you into the coming John Daly documentary on ESPN, I don’t know what will.

If that quote isn’t enough to draw you into the coming John Daly documentary on ESPN, I don’t know what will.

John Daly has been a lightning rod his entire career. From his days as a junior golfer—striving to play golf for his home state Arkansas Razorbacks—to a golf career riddled with both triumph and agony, John Daly has always found a way to hit it hard. It’s a fitting description for the man. I can’t wait to watch ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary titled “Hit it Hard.” It is set to premier November 1.

ESPN created massive buzz yesterday when they released the trailer for the episode. The social media waves went ballistic. Here, watch it below (hit play, then hit full screen in the bottom right):

There are those goosebumps.

John Daly’s career has been one of great mystery. Despite his complete transparency—a transparency which rivals any golfer in history—with Daly there’s so much left to be desired. He hasn’t attempted to hide anything from anyone, yet there’s so much looming intrigue into his life. It’s what has made him a source of attention and a beloved figure in golf. He was the property of the fans. And the fans wrapped their arms around him.

Multiple marriages, drug addiction, and an unconventional golf swing doesn’t whip up a recipe for success when one thinks golf. A sport with a stodgy and exclusive history, golf has a past littered with stories from the elite. It started as a sport for the wealthy and a pass time of the affluent. John Daly bucked that trend in a serious way.

November is a fitting time for the John Daly documentary to officially air. Arnold Palmer’s recent death has brought the attention to the characters that helped build the game. The Ryder Cup put golf on the world stage. Golf has had a great October, despite losing an icon. Another icon has promised to return to golf in the coming weeks. Momentum for golf heading into the winter months? Odd.

But John Daly is the golf’s most interesting man. And what if I told you, we’d learn the whole story.

Tune in November 1 on ESPN to learn it all.

I’m excited.