ICYMI: Houston Open News and the Latest Golf Tips

October 14, 2019

ICYMI: Houston Open News, Controversial Commitments, Tear-Jerking Letters, and All the Latest in Golf

If you’re behind on golf news, we’re not here to judge—just here to help. Here are all the major headlines and best golf advice you can’t afford to miss.

Top 10 Headlines

“I hope you see in this story, in my one incredible week at the Solheim Cup, that there is a time for everything in life.” Suzann Pettersen shared this beautiful letter to her son about her love of golf, her love for him, the value of discipline, and knowing when it’s time to make a change. (LPGA)

Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka are on board for the controversial Saudi International once again. (Golf)

Let’s all take a moment to look back and remember the 8-year career of Henrik Stenson’s retired 3-wood. (@GolfChannel VIDEO)

Want to know what’s on the minds of the next generation of golfers? A new survey reveals a lot, including their thoughts on slow play. (Golf)

For some science-based excuses to golf more, check out this article on the 5 Mental Health Benefits You Get from Golf. (Golf Digest)

Looks like Tiger’s on a roll with this course design thing. (Golf)

A state golf competition in Montana got hit by snow. Would you keep playing in these conditions? (Golf)

Congratulations to Jeongeun Lee6 for being named LPGA Rookie of the Year! (Golf Channel)

Josh Berhow has a request for Google Maps on behalf of golfers everywhere. It sounds like a solid idea to us. (Golf)

Lanto Griffin had his first PGA Tour win at the Houston Open on Sunday. Two years ago, he was ready to give up the game for good. (Golfworld)

Golf Articles

Your technique is solid. So why aren’t you a scratch golfer yet? (USGolfTV)

Are you this close to breaking 80? Here’s what you need to do if you’re ready to finally cross that threshold. (USGolfTV)

Have you been giving your golf buddies bad advice? Check out this handy “this, not that” article to be more helpful on the golf course. (Golf Digest)

Flush your irons every single time. (USGolfTV)

Here are some great tips if you want to take the DIY approach to regripping your golf clubs. (Golf)

This Week in Golf Video Tips

Incredible drives start with a solid setup. Here’s how to get it right every time. (USGolfTV)Got 2 1/2 minutes? Learn these 2 easy tips for a better takeaway. (USGolfTV)

Everybody wants more speed. Try these simple tips to make it happen. (USGolfTV)

Is your backswing too long? Too short? Can you even tell? Todd Kolb has some easy-to-follow advice for judging your backswing length and adjusting for perfection. (USGolfTV)

Are you a young golfer? Do you know a young golfer who’s just getting into the game? Here are 5 golf tips specifically tailored for youth. (USGolfTV)

That’s it for this week! We’ll see you back here next Monday for your next golf news roundup.

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