ICYMI: Zozo Championship News and Can’t-Miss Golf Tips

October 28, 2019

ICYMI: Zozo Championship News, McIlroy’s Big Announcement, Japan’s Golf Fans, and All the News from This Week in Golf

The Zozo Championship marks the PGA Tour’s first tournament in Japan. If you missed it, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Top 10 Headlines

Does golf have a phone problem? Here’s a closer look at how evolving technology and the more frequent use of smartphones have complicated the game. (Golf)

The Japan Skins Game was a fun watch. If you missed it, here are the highlights. (Golf Channel)

It’s official! Rory McIlroy will play for Ireland in the 2020 Olympics. (Golf Channel)

Arnie gets a stamp! (Golf Digest)

Keep an eye on this kid. 15-year-old Josh Hill just became the youngest golfer to win a pro event recognized by the Official World Golf Ranking. (Golfworld)

Watch highlights from Tiger’s charming day with young golfers in Japan. (@PGATOUR)

The PGA Tour’s first tournament in Japan gives us a meaningful look at the country’s deep love of golf. (Golfworld)

After watching Tiger Woods battle physical limitations, it’s good to see that his latest surgery has seriously helped his game. (Golf)

Typhoon Bualoi interrupted the Zozo Championship, and some of your favorite players waited out the storm together with pizza and a movie. (Golf Channel)

Oh, and something else happened this weekend… what was it? Oh, that’s right. TIGER WON #82! (@TigerWoods)

Golf Articles

This important golf rule could save you some strokes the next time fall leaves get in your way. (Golf)

Feel like your wedge shots aren’t as good as they could be? You might be making one of these common wedge mistakes. (USGolfTV)

Are you making the most of your hybrid? Try these three steps to master your most versatile club. (USGolfTV)

Do you have the right shaft weight? Are you sure? (Golf Digest)

Want to be a scratch golfer? Follow this advice. (USGolfTV)

The Latest Golf Video Tips

Keep topping the ball? It’s not because you’re pulling your head up. Here’s the real reason. (USGolfTV)

Finally find the right tempo for your golf swing. (USGolfTV)

Your grip can make or break your shot. Make sure you’re holding your club correctly. (USGolfTV)

Not sure when to putt on chip on the fringe? Here’s some quick and helpful advice. (USGolfTV)

This is how the pros hit high, soft flop shots. (USGolfTV)

That’s it for this week! We’ll see you back here next Monday for your next golf news roundup.

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