In Case You Missed It: Rocket Mortgage Classic News

July 1, 2019

ICYMI: The Rocket Mortgage Classic, The U.S. Senior Open, a Devastating Hole-In-One Miss, and All the Hottest News from This Week in Golf

From Nate Lashey’s long overdue victory to Michelle Wie’s all-too-soon announcement about stepping back from competitive golf this season, this week has been an emotional roller coaster in the world of golf. Here are all the highlights you may have missed.

Rocket Mortgage Classic News

The Rocket Mortgage Classic brought the PGA Tour to Detroit for the first time ever. has the story on what it means for the city and what it means for Detroit Golf Club. (

Rickie Fowler got off to a solid start at the Rocket Mortgage Classic on Thursday. Did you see him dunk it from 122 yards on the 17 for an eagle? If you missed that gorgeous shot, you can watch it here. (@PGATOUR)

Every other gender reveal method can pack it up and go home, because this one wins the day. Dustin Johnson informed a couple at the Rocket Mortgage Classic that they’re having a girl. It was sweet, but also: Why does DJ have that information? (@PGATOUR)

Nate Lashey’s emotional win at the Rocket Mortgage Classic was a victory in more ways than one. Here’s a look at the grief and setbacks he fought through to get where he is today. (Golf Digest)

Big News in Golf

California lawmakers passed a bill allowing college athletes to get paid for the use of their names. The NCAA is now threatening NCAA championship ineligibility for California schools should the bill become law. (Golf Channel)

Soccer player Harry Kane missed a hole-in-one. Yes, we’ve all been there, but not like this. This is devastating. (@HKane)

“The only way I can describe it is being a priest and serving mass with the Pope.” That was Brett Farvre’s take on golfing with Jack Nicklaus at the American Family Insurance Championship. (

After a major medical extension, Zack Sucher was saddled with a lot of debt and stress, making his T2 finish at the Travelers Championship a genuine life-changer. (

Brandel Chamblee left Niklaus’ 1972 season off his list of the 10 best years in men’s golf. Twitter did not approve. What’s your position? (

Check out the 14 players added to The Open field on Wednesday. (Golf Channel)

The check-in for the U.S. Senior Open was at Notre Stadium. Players were treated to a tour of the field and customized jerseys, among other very Irish things. Not too shabby. (

Murfield’s Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers ended its 275-year “males only” policy by inviting 12 new women members. (Golfworld)

Conversation about the use of CBD on the PGA Tour is heating up. What’s your opinion? (Golfworld)

Michelle Wie is taking a break from competitive golf for the rest of the year. (Golf Channel)

Darren Clarke took a two-point penalty at the U.S. Senior Open when his caddie moved a bird feeder.  (Golf Channel)

Who wants to play free golf at Mickelson National Golf Club? (Golf Channel)

Sung Hyun Park’s win at the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship marks her 7th LPGA title and her return to World Number 1. (Golfworld)

Hot Golf Tips

We love this list of golf games to help you sharpen your skills on the course. Doesn’t even feel like practice. (Golf Digest)

Have we all been aiming wrong this whole time? We found this study fascinating. What’s your take? (

New technology has revealed the most common swing flaws for each golfer. (

And if you’re one of the many golfers whose most common swing flaw is failure to shift weight, check out these tips on improving your golf balance. (USGolfTV)

golf putt with ball rolling into cupWhy We Love the Game

Awww. Hannah Green inspired 7-year-old Lily Kostner at the ANA Inspiration. Lily wrote a poem for Hannah that inspired the LPGA star at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. Now we’re inspired and this cycle will probably go on forever. (Golf Channel)

Guy Yocom breaks down the brilliance and work ethic that make Phil Mickelson’s powerhouse swing the marvel that it is. (Golf Digest.)

CinnaBon Jovi Celebrity Challege: real or fake? This (truly pretty brilliant) quiz challenges you to separate the real absurd PGA Tour tournament names from the made-up ones. Have a good time. (The Loop)

Does Pine Valley Golf Club deserve its reputation as the Number 1 golf course in the country? Now you can decide for yourself with this drone video footage. (Golfworld)

This slideshow is called “23 Pictures That Prove Golfers Are Actually Insane.” We’d say that about covers it. (Golf Digest)

Are you the gadget guy? The know-it-all? The buzzkill? breaks down the 17 types of golf buddy personalities. (

This Week in Video Golf Tips

Is your golf swing too long? Maybe not. Here’s some insight into the right swing length for your individual swing. (USGolfTV)

You know that heart-sinking feeling of seeing a solid drive land in a divot. Here’s how you can make the most of your next shot. (USGolfTV)

Turning your slice into a draw could be as simple as changing your setup. Here’s how. (USGolfTV)

The Latest in Golf Equipment

Have you been eyeing the Sub 70 golf wedge? Check out our review here. (USGolfTV)

Golf and Dr. Paul Wood take you inside the mind of a golf club engineer. (

Steve Stricker’s victory at the U.S. Senior Open was accomplished with 13-year-old irons. Not bad. (

That’s the roundup for this week!

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