It was the 2nd round of the Malaysian Open in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia. The golfer was Spaniard Pablo Larrazabal. And I think they were Asian predatory wasps.

I can’t be positive, of course they could have been typical yellow jackets, but judging from the description of their size and aggressive behavior, I think they were Asian predatory wasps. These wasps have been considered an invasive species, now expanding their territory in through Europe. They are considerably bigger than any average bee or hornet. In fact, the Asian predatory wasp feeds on smaller bees and hornets. Ironically, this species of wasp has recently been discovered in northern Spain– home of Pable Larrazabal.

Larrazabal, the 65th-ranked player in the world, was going about his business on the 5th hole. Then chaos ensued. The video below depicts the scene well.

“I ran to the lake, threw my scorecard down, took off my shoes and jumped in the water. It was the scariest moment of my career, for sure. I’ve never been so scared,” said Larrazabal.

In all, he suffered some 20 different stings around his body from the wasp which has been known to kill humans.

What a remarkable birdie. That one will get stashed safely in his memory bank for a long time to come. He finished the round with a 68.

Also, a pair of very wet trousers.