Tiger Woods got off to a slow, “rusty” start overseas in the Turkish Open. His alma mater Stanford had a polar opposite start Thursday night against the #2 ranked Oregon Ducks in a primetime college football showdown. Despite the difference, (Tiger’s hot second round and Stanford’s eventual nail biter) Tiger Woods and Stanford both finished the day happy.

After a rain delay Thursday in Turkey, Tiger was forced to finish opening round Friday morning – finishing up for a first round 70. It was a relatively slow start for Tiger. Stanford, playing in a nationally televised game on ESPN, came out early and punched the Oregon Ducks in their #2 ranked bills early.  Up 17-0 at the half, Stanford couldn’t have hoped for a better start.

Tiger fired a second round 63 in Turkey, with a blemish-free 9 birdie performance. He had 5 wins in 2013, yes – but he never had a round lower than 65. I know Tiger plays a majority of his events on difficult tracks and typically avoids the birdie festivals we see certain weeks on Tour, but this shouldn’t take away from his great round Friday – a round which pulled him to within 1 stroke of the lead.

Hey, for Tiger –  to have his Stanford Cardinal pull a major upset and fire a 63 in the same day. It’s like a dream come true – minus I guess a major championship.

Troy Klongerbo

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