A tight-tree lined golf course with small, penalizing green areas is going to provide an exciting finish year-in, year-out. That’s what the Colonial design presents. But this year, we didn’t need the golf course to provide anything. We simply left it to the most prodigious young golfer in recent memory.

Leave the hyperbole at home. Leave the comparisons in your garage. Leave any expectations you have when watching PGA Tour golf on Sundays at the refrigerator during snack time. The talent that has stormed the Tour in the past few years is bound to shatter anything you thought you’ve seen before. Spieth’s finish Sunday did just that.

Watch it for yourself, if you missed it. If you want to relive it, simply click replay about 15 times.

After claiming his 8th win before the age of 22 at the Colonial Sunday, Jordan Spieth passed Tiger Woods on the all-time list for wins at 22-and-younger. Woods had seven. It’s hard as golf fans to completely grasp what we’re seeing in Spieth.

We can talk at length’s about Jordan Spieth’s ability to do X, Y, or Z. Either he’s “not quote long enough off the tee to be elite,” or his “ball striking statistics put too much pressure on his putting.” Murmurs have echoed through the golf circles on his temperament and ability to control his emotions under pressure, cited down the stretch of many tournaments during fits of self-pity talk, hearty discussions with his caddie, and emphatic “C’mon Jordans!”

One thing that can not be placed in question is his desire to compete.

After the Masters–his epic collapse— Jordan was forced to face the media for the first time as a subject of criticism. Asked why he dropped on 12, why his putter left him late, or if he got into his own head, Jordan had to face the demons of the sport that have conquered many men. The event was viewed as one that could change the course of the two-time major winner’s career.

Jordan’s solution was to take a month off, give every respectable answer in the book, and promise viewers that he’ll “be back.”

Any doubters could be quieted after Sunday.

Despite having played in his home state of Texas since he was 16 years of age, Spieth’s win in Fort Worth was the first of his career in the Lone Star state. It was perfectly stated by No Laying Up’s Twitter account.

And as we enter the heart of the season with the biggest events on the schedule coming up, could we ask for anything better?