One Less Stroke: Golf Course Management Made Simple

Updated 07/23/2018

If I told you of a trick to save one less stroke off your game every round would you do it?

Maybe, maybe not. I mean it’s just one teeny stroke right?

Well, what if you could save one stroke every nine holes? Now I see your ears perk up a bit.

Don’t answer yet, because I’m not done.

For you loyal reader of, I will tell you about a secret to take one less stroke off your score every, not 9, not 7, not 6, but EVERY THREE HOLES!

That’s six strokes a round.

Turn a 100 into a 94. A 90 into an 84. An 84 into a 78.

That is real progress with the key word being “real.” This isn’t a scam. The secret is called One Less Stroke and you don’t have to spend hours and hours at the driving range or putting green to perfect it.


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What is One Less Stroke?

Gary Player once said the greatest thing about Jack Nicklaus was the 12 inches between his ears. His mind was better than anybody else that ever played. He knew he was better than you. You knew he was better than you. And most important, he knew that you knew he was better. He also knew how to play smart and eliminate mistakes from happening.

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When you play do you have a strategy for every hole or do you just automatically reach for your driver and hope to hit it as far as possible? Do you try and it shots you’ve never practiced and have about a 1% chance of pulling off? All those doubles on your card can easily be reduced to bogeys and pars through the One Less Stroke system.

PGA Teaching Pro Todd Kolb has created the One Less Stroke training aid to help you with the mental part of the game. He breaks it down into ten categories: Arrival, Chipping green warm up, Putting warm up, Teeing off, Approach shots, Getting out of trouble, Chipping, Bunkers, Greens and Post round. Learn to think your way around the course

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint or a survey because that’s not smart. One Less Stroke will give you the blueprint in your mind for achieving your best results on the course.

Click here to get One Less Stroke TODAY!

It comes with a money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose. My guess is you will quickly see how mental mistakes and a negative mindset have been affecting your game. Let the lessons you learn from One Less Stroke make you a better player today.

A million dollar swing doesn’t do you a lot of good if you have a one dollar head.