Viral footage was dropped this morning by MLB on Fox’s Facebook page.

It was a conversation between three of baseball’s (albeit two notorious) greats— Pete Rose, Alex Rodridguez, and Frank Thomas. The three legendary hitters were talking on camera in an uncut and raw way about hitting. If you’re a baseball fan, you’ll love the 6-minutes worth of dialogue. But if you’re a golf fan, Pete Rose said something interesting that caused my attention to peak.

It’s applicable to each and every professional golfer.

I’ve embedded video of the entire exchange. But listen to what Rose has to say from the 0:20 mark to around the 1:00 mark. Continue on to about the 2:05 mark for the rest of the golf tidbits:

Did you hear that?

“Don’t change your swing, that’s what got you to the big leagues,”  said Rose, the man of 4,256 hits.  Rose made his adjustments at the plate based on the little things that have major implications, instead of focusing on the major things that have little implications.

Professional golfers can learn so much from this.

How often from the professional tour do we hear about guys “changing their swings” in the offseason months. In order to reach the next level, Tiger Woods has changed his swing many times over. Now I think Tiger’s changes were made for a different reason, in an effort to keep him focused and pushing after having achieved so much. But for so many, Rose’s words can ring true in their game.

On practice ranges, players are working on many different elements of their games. But the majority of practice comes back to ball position, grip, address, and the fundamentals. This is what Rose speaks of.

And it hit me square between the eyes.  Those very swings got many of those guys to the big leagues in the first place.