As spring wanes, summer wardrobes will be seen in rampant fashion— pun intended. At Antigua, they are already preparing for this annual summer fashion phenomena with the releasing of their Father’s Day line for 2014.

We discussed the Antigua lineup with Ron McPherson, the President of the Peoria, Arizona-based company, who is celebrating their 35th anniversary this year.

“This is a time of year where we start adding to our spring line– especially in states which experience spring weather– and start moving into our summer fashion styles,” said McPherson, Antigua’s president and CEO.

Antigua offers a nucleus of four product lines: their essentialsperformance golfperformance tennis and contemporary. Within these, Antigua features diversity in color, style and specifications.

At the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show, Antigua released 6 new fashion styles, with a focus on bright and bold colors. McPherson points out golf has always been a colorful business and Antigua has strived in fulfilling that demand.

Men’s Apparel

Antigua was one of the first apparel companies to introduce high-quality tech fabrics, including their line of synthetics. Their trademarked Desert Dry and Desert Dry Xtra-lite product lines gave them an edge in the early marketplace– an edge they’ve maintained.

And although synthetics have been strong and reputable, Antigua recognized the market’s desire for cotton.

“We’ve developed shirts with cotton blends which perform close to the synthetic wicking fabrics, while maintaining the feel of cotton,” McPherson points out. “People still love the soft feel of cotton, how cotton feels to the hand.”

It’s these types of innovations which keeps Antigua at the top of the apparel world.

Antigua Apparel

2014 is Antigua‘s 35th anniversary. At the time of Antigua’s start, alongside founder Tom Dooley, Ron McPherson was the company’s first employee. It was September of 1979 and McPherson was a golf professional and Dooley, a sales representative.

“I met Tom Dooley when I was a golf professional and he asked me to join this apparel company he was starting,” recalls McPherson. “I did everything for the company– sales, marketing, development, customer relations– including the recruiting of new sales people.”

At the time, Antigua‘s initial niche was in the local golf market, providing embroidered clothing with logos. They worked with country clubs and individuals who wanted high-end apparel that was customized to their particular liking. Today, Antigua’s brand has spread worldwide, using four major channels of distribution:

  • Golf
  • Sports Licensing (starting with college business — capitalizing on loyal alumnus)
  • Corporate Identity (logos for companies)
  • Tennis

Within their Sports Licensing avenue, they have rights to the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, WNBA and recent additions of both the MLS and UFC.

“It’s been a privilege to get licensing with these sports agencies– Antigua‘s been extremely fortunate,” said McPherson.

And as the 2014 summer comes and eventually goes, Antigua will be prepared with the pushing of their outerwear line geared towards the fall weather. They have three new lines to introduce to their outerwear– Tempest, Delta and Victor, offering 10 different colors in each. Along with those colors, the company will be offering a wider array of colors in their Delta line, along with the ever-popular team colors.

“We initially entered the team market with college sports, capitalizing on loyal alumnus,” explained McPherson, “but now we manufacture product highlighting the colors of different teams per region.”

Again, it is innovative thinking like this which has separated Antigua from its competition.

When looking to add to your summer wardrobe, look no further than the wonderful and diverse product line offered by Antigua. They have products which provide comfort, performance and style. Stay on top of the most current fashion trends, while wearing clothing which gives the feedback you want.

Antigua will give you what you need– an any aspect of your life.

I mean, we all wear clothes, right?

Antigua Product Review with Todd Kolb


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