Bridging the Learning Gap: The HEAD Coach Sees Something Missing from the 2014 PGA Show….

By Greg Liberto
February 19, 2014


I had an incredible experience at the 2014 PGA Show in Orlando last month. I was fortunate to meet Master PGA Professional Dave Normand, and have lunch with Dave in the VIP area of the PGA. It was cool to be ‘inside the ropes’ of the PGA and meet some great people like PGA CEO, Pete Bevacqua and 2013 PGA Teacher of the year Michael Doctor.

There is no question that the millions of dollars transacted from the show are definitely great for the game in countless ways. However, there is a major gap.

It has been widely recognized that player improvement over the years has been minimal, as a result of the latest and greatest innovation. Revenues from the game, as a whole, are down and there is little improvement in player handicaps.

As I walked the 1 million+ square feet of show floor space over those three days, I could not help but think what was missing. Sure there was a few companies like Vision54 and THINQGolf representing the communication (aka mental) side of the game, but that is about it. It was like a few small trees in the midst of a forest of redwoods, they were barely visible. I saw them only because I was looking for them.

My passion is showing golfers how to reverse their negative energy and transform their game. I provide refreshing, introspective solutions to improve your communication and have you 100% READY on EVERY SHOT. I had an opportunity to share my message with some senior education folks from the PGA, and am hopeful to be speaking at the PGA Show about it this summer in Las Vegas.

I realize I am just one guy, but I am on a mission. I am on a mission to help teaching pros and their students, touring professionals and their caddies, recreational players and their playing partners, how to communicate better about their game. I want to show them how to focus on true improvement and give them the knowledge to let their game thrive. I have tools and solutions to make this happen, and truly want to help.

As a result, I have written a book called ‘18 Holes.’ This book shares the refreshing approach to the game that is being taught in the ground-breaking Tour Pro Mind coaching program. This book is a conscious effort to bridge the gap in improving player performance, and showing the golfing world how to reverse their negative energy and play their BEST GOLF EVER.

‘18 Holes’ will be available via presale starting on 2.25. When you purchase the book during the presale period, you also receive 18 videos to further enhance your learning and enter into a drawing to win my nine-week Tour Pro Mind coaching program ($4,875 value).

‘18 Holes’ is about an 18 minute read for only $18.

 Greg Liberto

The HEAD Coach

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