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The Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf


It’s time to get dirty with the Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf.

Did you know the average golfer uses 44% of their strokes on the greens? For the golfer who shoots 100, that’s (let me use my math skills here), roughly 44 putts. No element of the game costs us as much as poor putting.

Drive for show, putt for dough— yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it before. It’s a saying that’s been consistent in golf circles for eons. The idea, is that hitting the long ball with the big dog is great, but if you can’t convert with the flat one, it’s all for nothing. And there’s some truth around it.

Despite the new statistics and analytics posted on the PGA Tour by Mark Broadie that might suggest the true value of ball striking, putting isn’t going anywhere. It’s absolutely integral towards shooting good scores. Every shot truly does count. Putts must fall.

If you want to learn how to better hone your putting, the Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf may be the tool you need.

It’s practical, simple, and effective. And you WILL make more putts using it.

They place a guarantee on it! (30-day, 100% money back guarantee)


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The Navigator Review

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The Navigator in action, helping golfers correct face alignment.

Take a look at the device above. What are a few things you notice when seeing the device in a freeze frame? My first observations were the following: simplicity, effectiveness and quality training. 

When attempting to hole putts on the golf course, the eyes are perhaps the most valuable tool a golfer has. But training your eyes to understand proper putting alignment is always a challenge. With the Navigator, training the eyes to understand concrete face angle alignment becomes easy.

A golfer may think they’re aimed at their spot, but the eyes can deceive.

Aim the white tip where you want to start the ball and stroke it. The ball will find its way onto the proper starting line. How simple is that?

When I used the Navigator, I loved how simply the product attached to the shaft of my putter. Within seconds I was hitting putts. At first, I thought the product was aimed right of the hole, every single time. I said, “why would they send me a product to help with my alignment if I can’t even get it aimed square??”

I called over a friend of mine and asked him to look behind me as I hit a few putts. His first comment was telling as to the effectiveness of this tool.

“Dude, you’re aimed right of the hole.”

Perplexed, I said, “really?” and I made the adjustment, aiming the white tip to the left (at the hole) and started hitting more putts. I noticed my contact improved, my stroke improved and the ball was entering the ball with a decisive roll– right in the heart.

I had been using the product for 5 minutes and had already drastically improved my putting alignment. 

I worked with it for a while longer and when I removed the tool, I felt so much better about where the putter was aimed. I knew I could trust myself and my confidence undeniably improved. I can attest to this product’s value.

What Are the Benefits of The Navigator by Dirty Larry?

Dave Stockton, a legendary short game instructor, author and coach to Phil Mickelson, teaches his students to roll the ball over one singular spot on the green. He finds this is the best way to consistently make putts.

Dave Pelz, another world-renowned short game teacher says this about putting:

“Poor face angle gives you almost no chance of success.”

The folks at Dirty Larry golf understand the value in starting the ball on-line. It’s vital. And it’s what they strive for with their product. I think they’ve done so with success.

And with any device, it must be practical for training. The Navigator’s lightweight build makes it a tool that does not hamper your practice sessions. This is an element I was so glad to see implemented. I could barely feel the tool on my putter’s shaft.

Blade putter, mallet putter, it doesn’t matter. This tool is great for all.

When we practice, we think we are training the muscles, but in fact, we are training our brain. This device trains the brain for practical, on-course success.

The Navigator is easy to use, easy to store and easy to head to the course with afterward. The entire process is fluid and simple!

The testimonials found online speak volumes of the quality of the product. Read them here.

The Story of Dirty Larry

I know you’ve probably asked yourself this: what’s with the Dirty Larry name? Well, Larry got his nickname because he was dirty to play with. A starter at a course in Raleigh, NC, Larry was a guy known for hustling college students out of their money. The quote that followed him around was this:

“Watch out for that guy…He’s Dirty. He’ll take your money!”

He didn’t hit the ball great. He had no glaring strengths. But boy, the guy made everything on the green! The full story is really entertaining and can be read here, on the Dirty Larry website. If you run into Larry, remember, he’ll take your money.

Dave Nastalski– Founder & Co-Owner:

Interview from the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL.

When I received my Navigator device from Dirty Larry golf, I was excited to get out and start working on my putts, particularily my short range putts.

That excitement was compounded when I opened the sharp looking navigator box and found the USA confetti surrounding the tool. I was overwhelmed with a combination of American patriotism and excitement of golf.

After all, the product is American made. The packaging was phenomenal.


If you’re looking for an uncomplicated, timeless device to help you make more putts, the Navigator is your device. The value of starting putts on line is imperative.

And if you’re not doing that, you’re not making putts. With this product, you will start the ball on line and you will make putts. It’s that easy! Unpack, strap on, and hit putts where you’re aimed. It’s that simple.

No lasers. No batteries. No hassle. It’s a concrete, basic idea that will help you make more putts. It worked for me, it will work for you as well.


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