Are you a golfer who loves to wear your golf gear on-and-off the golf course? Fore Golf-a-holics is the first lifestyle brand dedicated to golfers on and off the course. Caution: these products are only for people who love golf.

Often times, when lounging around the house, we might wear a tee shirt from our favorite baseball team or a sweatshirt from a nationwide chain, but unless a golfer wants to wear his new golf polo around the house, there is not much for golfers to exhibit their love for the game. It’s all changed now. President of Fore Golf-a-holics Jason Takacs explains the Fore Golf-a-holics product line at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show:

As touched on in the interview above, Fore Golf-a-holics offers a wide array of products. From hats, to both casual/formal t-shirts, to fun shirts and mobile accessories, Fore Golf-a-holics is committed to offering golfers to add a lifestyle to their wardrobe. They offer different patterns, colors and themes to every article on their site.

They are also, fore charity. Their main charitable aim is Breast Cancer Awareness, as charity is one of the main things driving their company.

Fore Golf-a-holics Website!

With a widespread product line, Fore Golf-a-holics offers cool gear for anyone who loves the game of golf. Gander through their products today!

Troy Klongerbo

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