We’ve all heard the expression “drive for show, putt for dough” to the point of annoyance. But there is some truth in the statement. For an example, look no further than the 2015 U.S. Open. Dustin Johnson, the long bomber, missed two short putts on the 18th green to lose to Jordan Spieth, the consensus best putter in the game.

At the following major, Zach Johnson used his precise short game to win the Claret Jug in somewhat surprising fashion.

What does the phrase mean for the weekend golfer, though? It can mean you win more bets with your friends (not that we condone that sort of thing). It can also make the difference between breaking 90 and shooting 100. Life can get difficult on those greens and when it does, the scorecard rarely matches the play.

There are hundreds of products out there that promise to help golfers improve their putting. Whether those products deliver is hard to say. We can’t possibly try them all. However, one product in particular caught our eye at last winter’s PGA Merchandise Show.

Greenactive Golf, a South African based company, introduced the CS2 putting training aid. It immediately drew rave reviews and endorsements from some of the game’s preeminent names including Ian Poulter, whose mug you’ll see in the video below, Ian Baker-Finch and Mike Shannon. Shannon calls it “the best training aid I have ever used.”

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Why would he say it?

The effectiveness of the CS2 lies in its simplicity. Forget pace, forget reads, forget touch—the one thing most amateurs struggle with is a consistent putting stroke. In fact, all of the above are directly tied to the stroke. So, the CS2 is designed to allow a player to putt with guides. The stroke, and its repeatability, become paramount. Soon the golfer develops muscle memory and confidence.

And that combination is huge on the greens. Think about this: when you miss a putt any number of things could’ve gone wrong. But the less you know about your stroke, the harder it is to narrow down the list of potential mistakes. The CS2 helps you make more putts but also hit better putts.

It’s definitely worth checking out. Watch the videos below and head to greenactivegolf.com for more information.