Aside from the technological advances in performance, golf grips have remained relatively consistent throughout the years– put the grip on your club that the manufacturer designs. It’s been as simple as that.

Elasticity from a personalization perspective have been relatively unexplored.

The ever-unique ID GRIPS are looking to add something fresh to the golf grip industry.

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“Easy to Buy, Easy to Personalize and Easy to Install…”

This is the motto of CEO and founder Mickey Novak regarding his ID GRIPS. Novak developed the product to give people the opportunity to promote a personalized looked to their sporting equipment. He specializes in baseball, hockey, lacrosse and of course, golf.

Having a personalized element to your game is the entire premise behind this company–and who wouldn’t want their personalities on display via golf equipment, right?

Check out ID GRIPS on the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive

Look at the video from the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Hosts Paige MacKenzie and Damon Hack both love the product!

As we speak, the company offers two putter grips–one tapered grip and one traditional grips–along with a lady grip, and they are working on developing more. All of the grips have their signature transparent feature, designed to couple with logos, pictures or anything to give the grip some personality.

The transparent, clear grip is perfect to add some pizzazz to your putting!

Head to the ID GRIPS Online Shop Now!

ID Grips has licensed material with major sport leagues as well as the ability to customize almost anything for the user. All orders can be made online and shipped directly to your door, no questions asked. Looking for a unique custom design instead of the same old, blah, blah grip? Email your request to design@idgrips.com and their team will process your order.

The grip is easy to put on too. Just slide the grip on, or wrap it, and you’re done. It’s so simple–and it’s a beautiful thing once it’s on!

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Now of course the grips look cool and are easy to apply, but how practical is it? Great question!

The grips are all produced with UV protection to assure the longevity of the grip and not allowing “yellowing” to occur. This keeps the grip beautiful and clear, giving your personalized grip the long-lasting glimmer.

They are all designed for performance. They are tacky, they feel great and they offer excellent playability and feedback to golfers. It’s no gimmick. Feel for yourself!

This product is great for your favorite team logo, your alma mater, pride in your company or workplace or sometimes even personal images. Versatility in its purest form.

 Additional questions can be emailed to info@idgrips.com.