As has become a common trend these days, Nike has launched three models in its Vapor driver range.

The reason for three, even though one is now adjustable, the structure and head size is engineered in such a way as to produce different ball flights depending upon the swing of the player.

Driving Series

This is not about handicap, but about the launch angles, ball speed and club head speed. The thought here is that you turn up at a fitting center go through a process and the correct club chooses you and not the reverse.

The three drivers – Flex, Pro and Speed – all share the same technologies as well as styling.

The feature most noticeable is the Covert Cavity that remains from the previous Nike driver. The FlyBeams running across the cavity are there to help visually fill the space, but even more importantly, they make the cavity stronger and more stable.

The idea is to increase the MOI or Moment of Inertia and make it more forgiving.
The Compression Channel behind the clubface is able to flex more now creating additional ball speed. They eliminated it at one time, but it has returned and is now wider in the toe and heel, but narrower at the center, so the club remains legal.

The Flex Loft 2.0 adjustable hosel is 5 grams or lighter by 30% from the previous version. It comes compatible with the previous drivers making it easy to swap the heads with a shaft of your choice.

Have you seen Nike’s New Vapor commercial?

You can change up to five lofts in increments of 1 degree, with three face angles that go right or left 1.5 degrees.

Overall, Nike has done a great job with its Vapor drivers. With the Covert Cavity combining with the Compression Channel, it adds to the club in ways never before seen and much better than when the Covert Cavity worked only on its own.

The Vapor Flex with its FlightPod is like a Vapor with its cavity and channel, but one for a niche group of players with high swing speed who will benefit from a lower amount of forgiveness to put more shape on the ball. Tiger Woods, says Nike, prefers the Vapor Flex for that same reason, while rival Rory McIlroy prefers to use the Vapor Pro because he puts less shape on his drives.

After years of not producing top rated drivers, Nike came full circle with its new Vapor range and to date it is the best range the company has ever made.