Super Speed Golf: The Science to Swinging Faster, And Faster

By Troy Klongerbo
October 22, 2015

Can Super Speed Golf Increase Your Speed and Distance?

In order to hit the ball farther, we know this– increasing our speed is critical.  Of course, committing one of these distance killers can hinder your performance too, but that’s another topic.

With the Long Drive competition taking over the Golf Channel this week, golfers nationwide want to understand distance and how exactly it’s achieved. It seems like the key is to get big, and rip it. The Long Drive finals aired just as about half of the country tucks their clubs away for the winter months, and now their minds are on bombing tee shots.

These golfers looking to add distance are going to hit the gyms, work to get stronger and add durability to their bodies. Strong muscles means more speed, right?

This is not necessarily the case.

Strong muscles are not the piece of the puzzle one must remedy to start increasing club head speed. Working on improving core strength and building these muscles absolutely has benefits, but they need to be built in a way that has speed in mind.

Think about Usain Bolt. He doesn’t continue to lift heavier weights to build his muscles for speed. Yes, he lifts and wants to be strong, but he wants to maintain his highest levels of speed. But he does this with specific training, geared around being fast.


This is where Super Speed Golf’s system will help your golf game get faster. You’ll be doing the type of training that helps you stay fast.

Overspeed Training

The idea with overspeed training is that we are getting our bodies to move faster than we think is possible. Our muscles have grown accustomed to swinging at a certain speed with the clubs we use every day. But we want faster, so let’s alter those speeds.

Super Speed golf uses three separate clubs, all at different weights. By swinging the three progressively, using both sides of our body for balance in our golf swing and working to the heaviest weights, we’ll notice that our bodies acclimate themselves.

In laymen’s terms, the body takes the speed with the lightest weight, memorizes it, and applies it to the heavier weights. Basically, this is how we re-train our bodies.

It’s not about how much we can move, but it’s about how fast it moves. 

Through training with the Super Speed sticks, we’re re-training our fast twitch muscles to increase speed in our golf swings.

“When you start to try and swing harder, you’ll really start to activate the big, slow moving muscles and what you’ll notice through this training, is it gets you to understand how to swing faster,” said Connor Powers, ReMax Long Drive Finalist, 2014.

Powers competes on the professional long drive circuits throughout the country.

We were able to sit down with the fellas over at Super Speed sticks to get a feel for their products and how they’d been working on introducing them to the industry. With proven science for faster club head speeds, they’ve had no problem hitting the ground running.

So if you want to improve your distance, you’d be silly not to look into this type of training. In fact, all of their products can be purchased directly from their website, or on Amazon.

Visit their website to BUY Today!

And hey, from a promotional status, bringing on professional players helps, too.

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