One of the game’s oldest adages: “Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical.” If this is indeed an accurate blueprint for reaching success in the game, why do we spend so much time with range devices and swing instructional tools? If golf is a minefield of mental obstacles, we need to train the mind, no? THINQ Golf is here to “Game Your Brain”.

The THINQ Golf team is compromised of PGA/LPGA professionals, sports psychologists, neuroscientists and researchers all striving to develop a program to best improve the mental aspect of sport.

Check out our interview from the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show with one of THINQ Golf‘s Founder’s, PGA Professional Tim Suzor:

There are certain skills which are important for performance. Through research conducted by the nation’s top sport psychologists, the people at THINQ Golf developed a list of 5 critical elements for elite cognitive performance: attention, awareness, intention, synchronicity, and adaptability. Through development of these skills, golfers are able to drastically improve the brain’s cognitive process during rounds of golf.

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EEG testing shows “the power of THINQ-ING” and the way the brain works after these training sessions. Through tracking of brain patterns, they were able to indicate the major improvements in their patient’s performance during before/after comparisons.

Now most people when imagining a mental training session, imagine cables and connectors strapped to a patient’s frontal lobe and cerebellum. THINQ Golf‘s training sessions are completely different–they are simply games. The website describes them as “fun, challenging and addictive games,” which at the end of the day will improve your golf game.

What is there to lose when it’s all fun and games?

Try THINQ Golf today!

Troy Klongerbo


For more information on THINQ Golf, visit their website, http://thinqgolf.com