“Why reinvent the hole if you can convert it,” says Dr. Bullge the founder of Covert-A-Hole Putting Ring.

This new device just launched at the latest PGA Show and was made to help a golfer’s short and putting game.

The device helps golfers with their chipping, lagging and putting. It was designed to encourage more participation in the game of golf through simplifying putting the ball for golfers of all ages and handicaps.

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The new Convert-A-Hole Putting Ring created a new training technique for the many golf instructors around the globe for when they are teaching their students ways to improve their putting and chipping skills while building the players self-confidence in their golf game.

The new practice device helps beginners to sink more putts as it makes the hole much bigger without the need to actually dig a bigger hole. The practice device is portable at it is made of a plastic polymer that is lightweight, yet durable and comes in orange, red, yellow and white.

Convert-A-Hole Putting Ring is a sponsor of the PuttingRing Golf leagues. This is a league, the founder of the device, Dr. Bullge has started to honor the game’s integrity, while at the same time increasing the skill set of the players who might one day want to be professionals on the PGA or LPGA Tour.

With the new Convert-A-Hole Putting Ring players can practice on the putting green or take it along with them from hole to hole to use on the green making their golf hole bigger to speed up the game and to help them practice while playing.

The Convert-A-Hole Putting Ring can be purchased online at a price of $24.99 for one or $149.99 for a dozen plus shipping.