Is there a more popular man in golf right now thanĀ Jason Dufner? After this PGA Championship victory, there can’t be. He’s a modern day John Daly – John Daly 2.0.

He’s not the electric, fiery, fist-pumping rah-rah type, like his good friend Keegan Bradley, the 2011 PGA Champ. He’s not the standard vanilla grinder, as his Sunday counterpart Jim Furyk exhibits. He’s not the obvious gushing world-talent, the way Tiger, Bubba and Dustin Johnson are. He’s a dipper. Not that chewing tobacco is cool, per se…

Jason won the final major championship of the 2013 season, closing out veteren Jim Furyk and holding off a tremendous field and then, appropriately holding his wife’s tookus in triumph. It’s a victory a long-time in the making for the Auburn graduate and #dufnering originator.

Over the course of the past two years, the steps taken in Jason’s career path have all led to this pinnacle moment. He had become a multiple winner on the PGA Tour. He’d been ranked inside the world’s top 10. He was a member of the 2012 Ryder Cup Team for the United States – performing impressively on the biggest stage. He’d even started to gain some celebrity status. The next step was an obvious one – a major championship victory.

Not to gloat, but before the week, Jason Dufner was a player I loved in this PGA Championship. I loved his form, his ability and his demeanor. I knew he was a great ball striker, but watching his performance this week in Rochester was different. His ball striking was other worldly, indeed. In terms of this world, it was world-class.

Someone else grabbing attention beside Jason is his beautiful wife, Amanda. Jason had just been married to Amanda since last year, but it can’t be ignored the impact she’s had to have had on his game. She embraced this lovable, frumpy man the way the entire golfing community has. And I know I’ve already mentioned it, but her looks can’t be denied.

I’m happy to see this soul-patch dipper take his first major. He’s become on of my favorite guys on Tour over the course of the past few seasons. He waddles around, showing limited facial emotion while giving the golfing audience entertainment with body’s reactions. His body language is funny and his golf game is great. It’s a fun combination to watch.

Although he is hilarious, his fellow professionals probably weren’t laughing much. They were probably paying respect to Jason Dufner the golfer, a guy who has become one of the world’s best golfers.

Troy Klongerbo

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