Golf has always toed the line between exclusivity and comradeship. Whether it be Shoal Creek in the early 1990s or Lee Elder’s participation in the Masters, it’s hard to identify golf’s criterion. At times, it unifies. Other times, it segregates and divides.

For years, Peyton Manning and Bill Belichick have been enemies. Belichick has played the role of antagonist to Peyton’s genius and quite honestly, the contrary could be argued as well. Savants within the game, the two have been discussed in the same light since the turn of the millenium, as pinnacle figures in the game, sitting at opposite ends of the “Couch of Football Royalty.”

Well, on Wednesday, golf exhibited it’s unifying quality – it’s comradeship.

Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning and long-time Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick were photographed by the Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis at Pebble Beach during the practice round of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, where they were grouped together. Golf has a tendency to do this.

Now since neither Peyton and Bill have Twitter accounts, comments from the two regarding their day do not exist (Twitter is my main news source). But as two men who carry the sport of football, the respect is mutual. I bet things went along just fine. No Manning jabs about the AFC Championship, no Belichick jabs about Super Bowl rings – just golf.

All will again be right with the world this week, as Bill will be partnered with his long-time signal-caller Tom Brady.

By the way, Bill…..leave the sweats at home come tournament time.

Troy Klongerbo

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