All men want to smell good. Now if only there was a way you could smell something over the computer screen…..hmmm…..

pga tour cologne

Men wear cologne for a few different reasons: they want to feel refreshed, they want to give themselves more confidence and also, they want to attract the opposite sex.

Colognes come in all different aromas from citrus, to wood, to musk. Now, the world of fragrance has another smell– the yummy smell of “under-par” (I’m sorry I used the word ‘yummy’).

What “under-par” smells like is unknown on the golf course. Maybe green, fresh-cut grass? How about the smell of a gas cart backfire?

No, the PGA Tour has decided to offer its own interpretation through a new cologne it has launched in a PGA Tour cologne fashion.

Every golf fan has a favorite golfer– Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Adam Scott, for many, its PLAYERS Champion Rickie Fowler. In Rickie’s case, even with his customized Puma golf shirts, his Cobra driver and those color coordinated outfits, there is even more you could do to be more like the former Oklahoma State standout– you could smell just like him, or at least smell “under par.”

Now there’s a distinction to be made between smelling “under par” and smelling “sub-par.” Of course, by using this product, you’ll never smell “sub-par.”

By recognizing that the passion of a golfer extends beyond the golf course and clubhouse to all his five senses, the PGA Tour has come up with his own fragrance. The Tour is now offering PGA Tour Pro Sport a spray on cologne that is according to its press release, the first signature cologne the tour has ever produced.

The cologne was inspired by the innovative, competitive swift nature of the sport.
All smells from the game of golf (shoes, sweaty gloves, etc) are not likely that of the new PGA Tour Pro Sport.

Actually, the new Pro Sport fragrance is said to open “with an energizing burst of citrus.” That is followed by a smell of fresh mint that mixes with a “blend of masculine woods.”

This new cologne will run $58 for a 3.4-ounce spray bottle.

Start smelling under par.