I agree – the Masters was fun to watch this year. I just love watching talented people excel in their profession. You’ll find better in-depth, Mastesr analysis elsewhere and on other articles, but I marveled at one particular shot from Jordan Spieth–the eventual champion.

You might have missed his approach to 17 on Sunday. From, I believe, 170 yards he put the ball exactly on the spot on the green to catch the slope to give him a perfect putt. Just amazing. The precision it requires is amazing.

And then the discussion started on Monday. Shall we anoint him the next great hope for golf?!


Can’t we just enjoy the moment!? Does golf really need the ‘next great hope?’

Blow up hole

I had this same conversation about Tiger last week. While I’ll admit I am not a Tiger fan, I still recognize his tremendous talent–one of the best. Yet I regularly seem to root against him and I’m not sure I am all that proud to admit it. I just cannot endure what the media does when he wins. Golf becomes Tiger. Forget everything else.

They justify it by pointing out that Tiger saved golf by increasing purses and interest in professional golf. I understand. Professional golf has never been more successful and lots of people have made plenty of money. Yet in recent years the industry as a whole has struggled. Over the last 7 years there has been a yearly net decrease in golfers and in municipal golf courses (Links Magazine Winter 2015).

Why? My opinion is that a golf promotion strategy built on one person has no lasting power. It’s classic short-term thinking. Good for quick sales. We don’t need the ‘next great hope.’ We need to focus on all that golf can offer: accommodating families, making golf fun for kids, celebrating the rich history of the sport. We need long-term strategies.

The fact remains that Tiger is simply one thread in the quilt that is golf. (OK – maybe 2 or 3 threads!). And Jordan Spieth is another thread. And John McDermott was another thread. (Who!? Exactly–he was the Jordan Spieth/Tiger Woods of the early 20th century. Read the link!)

And this story, yet another thread– The Masters: Kevin Streelman makes wish come true for boy with tumor.

I believe the Streelman thread might be one of the most important. A thread that really lasts. Because while golf is bigger than Tiger or Jordan, humanity is bigger yet than golf. If we can make golf important for an ailing child, think of the millions we can further attract.

If your passion is golf – fantastic. USGolfTV.com is the place for you. I just hope that your life is as complete as Kevin Streelman’s!