Here’s what I love about match play. It gives golfers who otherwise carry themselves with class a chance to disparage a fellow player. There’s gamesmanship involved. There’s trash talk. There are icy glares and muffled words. Walter Hagen would be proud.

So far, the Accenture WGC Match Play hasn’t disappointed. In the second round Rickie Fowler sneaked by Jimmy Walker one up before rubbing the defeat in Walker’s face on Twitter:

Fowler wasn’t done though. In his next tweet he called out third round opponent Sergio Garcia after the Spaniard had the audacity to call Fowler “colorful.”:


The 25 year old wasn’t the only one stirring things up on social media. After last week’s victory, it seems Bubba Watson has rediscovered his confidence, all but guaranteeing another win:

And then there’s the beaten Rory McIlroy, who shared some choice words with second round foe Harris English:

English, on the other hand, was so unimpressed with his first two opponents that he failed to tag them in his victory tweets:


This is what golf fans live for.

Dillon Friday