TeeOff.com by PGA Tour: Tee Times at 3000+ Golf Courses on an App

By Bradley W. Smith
March 14, 2017


You’ve managed to clear your schedule of all work commitments for the day. The weather is shaping up to be postcard perfect. And you’ve got three friends ready to tee it up.  There’s jJust one problem. 

It’s 9:00 at night and the course is closed so you can’t call up and make a tee time.

Not a problem anymore thanks to TeeOff.com. TeeOff.com is the latest way for you to play more golf.

Visit TeeOff.com

Created as the official tee time site of the PGA Tour, the website allows you to search thousands of courses in all 50 states. It even helps search nearly two dozen countries around the globe.  Simply pick when and where you want to play and TeeOff.com will search for available tee times.  It’s that simple. 

No booking fees, lots of last minute deals to be had and most of all no stress or waiting until morning.

If you can’t get to a computer, then just tap the app. 

Available on Google Play and the App Store, the TeeOff.com app offers golfers the same immediate access to all those thousands upon thousands of tee times just waiting to be filled.  Booking your next round can’t be any simpler.

It’s that simple. No booking fees. Lots of last minute deals to be had and most of all no stress or waiting until morning.

Now if that was all the app and website did, it would be quite a value for golfers everywhere but it offers much more.  Not only can you decide when and where you want to play next. You can also track stats, relive a great shot, analyze your game and manage your handicap. 

Because TeeOff.com is the official booking site of the PGA Tour, you can, of course, connect to the PGA Tour app, where you can keep up to date with your favorite players and whatever tournament is being played this week.

Gary Cohen, the CEO of EZLinks Golf, which is TeeOff.com’s parent company, said the majority of their traffic comes from the app and it’s without question easiest way for golfers to find, book and save on their next round.

So why not give it a shot next time you’re itching to play?  No more being put on hold or having to call a bunch of different courses around town to see what’s available last minute.  Thousands of courses and tee times right in the palm of your hand. 

Download the app, check out their website (www.teeoff.com) and see for yourself how simple booking your next tee time can be.

Take a Look at TeeOff.com

This interview, with Gary Cohen:

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