So I wasn’t able to watch even one shot of the Presidents Cup.

Not a good start when looking for a place to catch-up and download all of the information on the Presidents Cup from South Korea, is it?

No, but I was celebrating my bachelorhood this weekend. Along with my closest friends, we spent Friday through Sunday unplugging in the Sandhills of Nebraska at The Prairie Club. It was an amazing weekend of golf, drinks, food and camaraderie (camaraderie easily matching that of the American and International teams this weekend).

So to get my Presidents Cup fix, I went straight to the Twitter.com’s, PGATour.com’s and Golf Channel’s come Sunday night and Monday morning. What I found was great for getting everything I needed.

I included my favorite bits below.

My thoughts

The Americans won– and that’s great. Even though I’d love to see them snap the ridiculous streak the Europeans have going against them right now, getting a win in the Presidents Cup is still satisfying. Perhaps it’s the American egotistical nature I have planted inside me, where what we have is never enough– especially in the competitive realm.

Yes, beating the best of the non-European world is great, but it creates a bigger mystery for the Ryder Cup debacles we’ve seen the past 15 years (excluding 2008, I know, I know). The countdown to Hazeltine 2016 is on…

The biggest takeaway I had from everything though, was the competitiveness from the Internationals. The Presidents Cup has turned into an American dominance, even more so than the Ryder Cup, and after a 4-1 Day 1, I thought the Americans were poised for another blowout.

The fact that the Internationals worked their way back into the mix and made it a tight run late, gives the Presidents Cup some merit. If ratings are going to go up, contentious play is a requirement.

For the sake of golf, it’s a good thing the Internationals came back.

South Korea seemed to make a great host and the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club South Korea appeared gorgeous. A nation of growing golf enthusiasts, they’ll be suited well to host a South Korea/America battled on that women’s side.

Presidents Cup, success…

To have this happen to Sangmoon Bae, a gutsy, clutch putt, followed by the tragedy at 18 was heartbreaking to see– even as an American.

The event at 18:

A recap of sorts:

Nick Price reflecting:

“I don’t think it could have gotten a whole lot more exciting than that. Just save for a couple of shots and maybe a little bit of inexperience on our side. As a captain you start questioning where you placed your guys. But I think we did a pretty good job of doing the lineup today. I just had a feeling it was going to come down to one of the last two games. I’m just so proud of that team. I can’t tell you what it’s like to bring eight countries together that speak six different languages, diferent cultures and come together to play golf. They bonded, and I tell you what I’m so proud irrelevant of the outcome. We obviously would have loved to have won, but we put on a show of golf this week. Golf is the victor for sure.”

This was crushing to see as well, even though seeing the Americans triumph is wonderful.

Brooks is ready. #Brookswasnothere

The South Africans got it done.

The future Ryder Cup captain (should be) commenting on the victory:

The love for Phil is real.

Maybe because Phil is a savage.

This is how I should have been during my weekend (maybe):

Interesting potential changes that could be made to the Presidents Cup:

Ernie was pulling for the team from a distance:

Phil was clutch all week.